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  1. We received an RFE for my wife's I-485. We are using the concurrent filing (adustment of status) to also change her name to her married name. We filled out all forms with her new married name and we included a copy of the marriage certificate in the online I-130 application. However, in wondering why we got the I-485 asking us to redo the form, I thought perhaps we should have included a copy of the marraige certificate ALSO with the snail mail I-485 submission. Should we have included a copy of the marriage certificate with the I-485 subsmission as part of the process of changing her name (in addition to including it with the online I-130)? If the answer is yes, shoud the copy be a certified copy? We can include it in the mailed I-485 RFE response if necessary.
  2. When we submitted our original I-485 in January of this year, my wife was still in B2 (visitor for pleasure) status. We got an RFE asking us to resubmit the I-485. (Our best guess is they lost some of the pages at the USCIS facility.) We are now beyond the date in March that her original I-94 B2 status allowed her to stay in the United States. We do have an I-797C Notice of Action form from January showing she is here temporarilly legally while the request to adjust status is processed. Just not sure what to put in Part 1 Q24 of the new I-485 as I don't think she is still in B2 status. Welcome any guidance.
  3. Hi All, I wanted to know if anyone is going through the same situation my wife and I are. We had our GC Interview in San Francisco on February 2nd. Were told everything was good to go, except for the medical exam, which had to be resubmitted. Since COVID delays, my wife's medical exam had been done more than a year before the interview, and we received a RFE to complete an I-693. I found a certified Civil Surgeon, she went ahead and went through the entire process, the surgeon signed off on it and after a few days, we sent the signed/sealed packet to the address listed. The RFE deadline is May 4th and USCIS has still not "received" or updated her case. I have sent a few e-requests, which were answered with a generic response, and have actually spoken to live reps 3 times, all of whom did not give any specific info. but said they can send an internal request. The last rep. stated that there is an extension for the request, but I am not sure how concrete this info. is since it's not listed anywhere. Has anyone gone through this situation or is currently going through it? If so, mind sharing your experience, results, and maybe what to expect? Many thanks in advance!
  4. I have interview for Eb3 (AOS). I was on dependents of the worker’s visa! 3 years ago my spouse renewed his visa on the border and then his lawyer wanted to renew my visa also! My visa at that time was valid for at least 2 years! So she made a mistake and sent his old visa so because that my extension was not approved and then we filed again with his current visa! So I got my visa extension approval after that . When I filled the 485 I put answered no for the question “ Have you ever been rejected visa?”, because on that time the lawyer told me your visa extension was not approved not rejected and my original visa was valid,so I don’t know on interview when the officer asks me about this question what should I answer him?
  5. I searched on the topic and saw several people already posted about this topic. I want to know if recently someone experienced USCIS home visit? I married a US citizen and currently my 130 , 485 is on process. AOS from Tourist visa to green card marriaged based visa. Does the USCIS visit after the interview? My husband works far from our home so hes renting a room near his work. he only comes every thurs to sunday at our home. So what if the USCIS agent look for him , what should i do? Shall i give his number so they can call him and validate hes working right?
  6. To those who know somebody or themselves mentioned on their I-485 application for Green Card form that he/she was a member of communist party in USSR 30 years ago, how was your experience like? Did it really presented an issue for you? I didn't see any issue at first as everybody who wanted to build some sort of career at the time had to become a member and my relative left part on his own volition before collapse of USSR. But after I looked online and asked this question on Avvo, I learned that you are being put on some list, will have to give all your contacts to them and it will take much longer for you to adjudicate. Is this true? How was your or your acquaintance experience like? Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, I am, USC, filing i485 for my dad who is in the USA. I would appreciate if you help me with couple of questions. I-485 1. Should we get medical examination done now and submit form I-693 along with I-485? Or should we wait till they schedule an interview and then pass it? I am sure I read in instructions that it is valid for couple of months only but online it says it is valid for 2 years. Which is it? 2. I read all the 80 YES/NO questions to my dad in our language. Is it detrimental to his application if I mention that I read questions to him in our language? Would they think his English is bad and deny him or require to bring an interpreter? 3. To question 23 in Part.8: Have you ever applied for any relief or protection from removal, exclusion or deportation? He applied for Temporary Protected Status and it is pending. Is it YES here? 4. I want to put on the form that I was a preparer. What will be required of me after we submit this form? Will I be contacted by them? 5. In part 8 in organizations I added USSR conscript military service. Does it have a negative impact on application? I-131 I am also applying for travel document. They are asking about details of the trip like: Date of Intended Departure, Expected length of Trip. Then there is Part.4. Information about your proposed travel, etc. We don't have those details. For now there are no hard plans to travel but situation is such that we might need to. What do I answer in those questions in this case? Thank you.
  8. HI All, Can anyone please share expediting AOS and EAD? Any experiences? I am an active duty US army member and my fiance is currently on a K1 visa here. We have filled for AOS, EAD and AP. I just have the receipt numbers starting IOE, how do we know as to where my EAD is being handled? What would be the process for expediting AOS? is that even possible? We filed in Feb 2022.
  9. Hi All, Question, how do i get to ask for a schedule of the biometrics? Once i have the receipt numbers is there a way to get them to schedule for one? Thanks a ton in advance? What is the best way to expedite AOS/EAD, husband is in the military active duty.
  10. Hi, I just went to my Biometrics appointment today and two of my right fingers (ring and pinky) showed up as orange with an exclamation mark on the screen. The technician mentioned that those two fingers are sweaty. She tried everything from wiping them with paper, using hand sanitizer to drying them with a table fan, but nothing worked. Every other scan was green. She mentioned it shouldn't be an issue since the 4-finger scan showed green and went ahead and submitted the scans. I was wondering about the timeline when I would know : 1. Whether the scans were accepted i.e. when does the status on myUSCIS typically change online after biometrics and what does that say 2. If not, the timeline to receive a second notice for Biometrics for poor quality scans. Appreciate your replies on this.
  11. So my husband received a GREAT job offer. He already has a social security number. He just did his biometrics yesterday after waiting only 7 weeks. Before my question, here is my timeline: 1/7/21 - Mailed AOLS pkg. Adjusted from K1. Sent I-485 & 765 1/27/21 - NOA1 for I-485 and Rejection of I-765 for filing on older edition. 2/8/21 - Mailed new I-765 2/20/21 - BIOMETRICS SCHEDULED (less than 20 days from NOA1) 3/10/21 - EAD updated into USCIS system and receipt text to me 3/18/21 - Completed biometrics 3/19/21 - USCIS emailed action on case which basically states USCIS is reviewing his case My husband received a great job offer and they want to hire him as soon as his AOS is completed. He wants to lessen burden on me and help but also wants to be a taxpayer and start paying into his own social security. IS IT TOO SOON TO REQUEST AN EXPEDITE? I have heard in this very forum in the past that its risky to request it. How can it harm us? Thanks for feedback.
  12. Hi everyone I work as a Medical Technologist & recently received my EAD. I have a pending i485 (case was updated to show fingerprints were taken) that was filed since October 2020. My I140 has been approved since since June 2020. I paid for all my green card filing expenses (not the employer). I recently started a new job to help with Covid testing. Do I necessarily need to file AC21? I still work at my sponsoring company but I want to go part time or Per diem and be Full time at the new job. Do I need to stay full time at the sponsoring company? Thank you
  13. My husband and I were married on 4/20 in London but the ceremony was done by Utah courts (via internet). So technically we were married in the U.S. We came from London to US in May and were married when we entered the country. We had to show our marriage cert and apostille. All went well. We were going to return to UK but with all the nonsense flying in the pandemic, I decided I did not to go back. I am now trying to adjust his status. I filed my I130 yesterday. He entered US on a Polish passport (he is a UK perm resident) with an ESTA visa (we were only going to stay 90 days). My question is: In order to file his 485, we have to go to the civil surgeon doctor which is not cheap. I will not be able to pay for that until after Aug 4. His ESTA expires on 8/4 and is supposed to return. If I filed my I130 already. Do we have to file his 485 immed or will it be ok to file it after his i94 expires? Will he have problems staying here after Aug 4 if his 485 hasn't been filed?
  14. Hi, My dad (Indian citizen) have a valid b2 visa. I was hoping that I apply for his I-130. Once approved, he can I can apply for his I-485 and he can travel on B2 before the interview here in US. Or I can file his Advance Parole which once approved, I can hand over to him when I travel to India on vacation in November. Then he can travel before the interview here in US. Thanks and Regards, HP
  15. Hello kind people. I was wondering if anyone obtained their Greencard through AOS/ Marriage and did not have to do a Biometrics appointment? My attorney mentioned yesterday that he has seen some cases where the applicants were not called for Biometrics and instead USCIS used their existing biometrics data that had been submitted previously. In my case, we filed in October and as of yet have not received an appointment. Yesterday I received a letter noting my i-693 deficiency (plan to bring it to interview), but still haven't got a Biometric appointment. I am on my third working visa so they already have all my details in the system.. the last time I entered via Dublin the agent used facial recognition to pull up my profile so they know who I am! I know there can be no rhyme or reason to USCIS but was wondering if anyone here got to skip biometrics. I am in Boston if that helps. Thank you :)
  16. Hey! hope everyone is doing well. I will hopefully became a US citizen really soon and wanted to petition/adjust status for my parents who came to the US with an R1/R2 visa, but expired a couple of years ago. They were in the process of adjusting status through their church but the church main office moved locations and some other issues which I prefer not go into too much detail, but because of this their case was denied last year, and they overstayed their R1 visa. Does anyone think I will have any issues requesting them?
  17. Has anyone that had interview right after the shut down until it re opened actually had their new interview date re-scheduled? Or anyone that has been in full stop from “Interview ready to be schedule” since April gotten any updates? For Detroit field office asking not in general. Thank you
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