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  1. Hi everyone! I'm guessing someone else has asked this question before. I'm filling out I-130, I-485 and related forms and in some of them, the fields won't let me type numbers, letters (if the field only allows for a date), or slash for N/A. How do I get around this? For example, when asked my status on Form I-94, it won't allow me to type F1, just the F. Same for the expiration date of authorized stay on Form I-94 which is D/S but the field only allows for numbers. I've read somewhere that opening the file in chrome actually works for typing some of these characters. However, when I tried, it didn't save any changes to the file. Does it print them though? I do not own a printer (yet-I'm sure I'll have to get one soon for the multiple times I'll need to check everything) so I couldn't test it. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Y'all, we just received our interview appointment today! May 17th! But there is a big to do list for the upcoming interview... It says the following on the notice: ... failure to bring the below listed items will result in the denial of your application. YOU MUST BRING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WITH YOU: - A completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope (unless already submitted). Well the question is, how do we make sure that they received our medical exam and the vaccination supplement? I had my medical exam due the process of the K1 Visa at the end of October 2016. (The doctor never gave me any copies, so I don't have the DS3025) I entried the United States on 03/312017. We filed our I-485 application on 04/10/2017. We never sent the I-693 or DS3025(again, I never had those documents) with our I-485 because we were thinking they have the medical exam through the POE. (I had to carry a sealed envelope and give that envelope to the Immigration Office at the POE) So again, we do not want to fail or let our AOS be denied because of the medical exam... We never received a RFE because of our medical, which could be expired? Honestly - I don't know if it is expired. Some threads are saying that it is valid for one year once you file for AOS. Which means it would be valid to 04/10/2018. But our interview is on 05/17/2018 But some threats say that they are doing exeptions, depending on the officer during the interview. What should we do? I am really confused and couldn't find THE RIGHT ANSWER through a search on here... Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone! My husband and I are the process of filling out the I-130, I-485, and related forms for my change of status from F-1. I've been freaking out for a while now because of our specific situation. My husband suffers from a physical condition and has been dependent on his parents since he was 21. For this reason, he doesn't work and has always lived with them. He's never filed taxes and doesn't have any assets on his name, only his bank account but no credit cards. I have no clue what to provide as proof of bona fide marriage. We don't have assets on our name, we both have separate health insurance and we're pretty broke right now on our own so I don't think we'll be purchasing any other insurance in the near future. Both of our cars are under our relatives' names as well as our car insurance. We dated for over 3 years before getting married but I don't think that we have anything to prove this besides pictures, affidavits from family and friends, and maybe hotel receipts of trips we did together. I plan to add him to my bank account as to show a joint account, but I'm not sure what else we could do...? Also, would it be recommendable to have him add me to his? Or just one joint account would suffice? We pretty much have lived these past three years between his house and mine and he moved to my place this month. Again, "my place" is really my aunt's place. Is there a way to add us to any formal document to prove that we live together? I'm thinking about having him change his address on his driver's license and school stuff but other than that I'm clueless. Also, is there a way to add us to our car titles on time for filing the forms? (we plan to file in a couple of weeks). The reason I am asking this is I have no idea what are the requirements for leases or titles (can three people be on the title as owners, for example?). I don't know if it is necessary to have a credit history or similar in order to do that (neither of us has any so far). I appreciate any insight you guys have. I will probably ask a bunch of questions regarding the forms pretty soon as well. Thank you!!
  4. Hello, We submitted the I-485 along with I-131 and I-765 for processing about 3 months after we were married, and just received an RFE stating: "There is a discrepancy between Service Records and the application as to your last name. Service Records indicates your last name as WIFE'S MAIDEN NAME. Your I-485, I-131 and I-765 has your last name as HUSBAND'S SURNAME. Please explain and provide supporting documentation". My wife changed her surname to my name and was issued a Social Security Card with my surname. Her name on our apartment lease also shows my surname. Contrary to popular belief, there is no legal name change process that must occur if a spouse wants to change his/her name upon marriage, unless one is taking on a totally different name. But USCIS is now flagging our application because their "Service Records", i.e., I-94, her passport, etc, are showing her maiden name. As you know, it's more complicated to change a passport, and the I-94 is going to reflect her legal name before we married. The only documents USCIS has showing her intent to use my surname is a copy of the Social Security card and a copy of the lease where we live. I called an Immigration Officer and was informed that submitting a new I-131 to replace one that had erroneous information would accrue a whole new processing fee, in this case $500. We refuse to go that direction since we already paid the fees and consider this a failure by USCIS to recognize or acknowledge my wife's right to use my surname. What additional supporting documentation would be suitable to satisfy USCIS? I was thinking the best option is to get a state-ID and opening a bank account with her new name. Any other ideas or what other options do you guys suggest? We're really desperate to get the I-131 (Advanced Parole), as we have a volatile situation in her country. Thank you. Regards
  5. Anyone has done marriage-based I-485 interview in St. Louis? What is the normal timeline for EAD and I-485 approval in this office?
  6. So alot has happened since i been this site so I will try to make it short and explain myself. My wife ( then fiance ) came here january 2017 we got married in march 2017 , we had our long distance relationship since fall 2015 so alot of time has been put into this , i even visited twice . Ever since 2017 there has always been a communication issue between us and maybe that was because of being brought up differently im not too sure. Arguments , verbal attacks , lack of communication , divorce threats , silent treatment , fighting have all been happening atleast once a month ever since even with having a daughter back november 2017 it never got easier. I have my faults and im willing to work on my flaws but im with someone who will delfect , provoke , and use verbal attacks to get back at me for things. She will claim im a violent person , i have a temper etc etc. but the question has always been in this two way thing we have called marriage what has her input been? Why has this husband of mine gotten mad or loud? Instead of playing the victim all the time and taking responsiblity for her own inputs in the marriage its gotten to the point where she can threaten me with divorce multiple times , disrepects me infront of people , has called me all the names in the world , and still will blame me for everything on the sun. Right now im at my parents house and were just taking a "break" this separation will result in two things . 1 she calls me and shes finally ready to work on ourselves and we move on on all past things or 2 we stay separated for a year and i file divorce " no fault divorce" i tihnk they call it in nc . The only thing i care about now is my daughter and there is no point trying to force someone to stay married to you if there just going to keep threatening divorce to you every month. In this mess her 2 year GC expires next year , thoughts on what to do ?
  7. 485 Approval Question Upon approval does this mean one can work in the U.S. and leave the U.S. for only two years? I am confused about why the AOS from K1 visa is only valid for two years. Will I lose my job if working in the U.S. when my two years is up?
  8. I had my interview back in Aug and the interview officer said he could not approve because there's no visa available Today the online status of my case changed to Interview Cancelled like below. Have any one of you seen this and know what it means? On October 17, 2018, we cancelled the interview scheduled for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number xxxxxxxxx. We will notify you by mail if the appointment is rescheduled, a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you.
  9. Hi, I have found mixed information on various sites so Creating this forum to discuss the processing times and case movements for Advance Parole and EAD when filing for adjustment of status. Does USCIS still hold that '90 days processing' for EAD/AP ? or has it increased over the last few months? Anyone has received the AP in less than 90 days here? Its been more than 70 days for me today and I have started worrying a little. (Travel issues, and I need a job ) Many people in these forums abandon their profiles when they get their final cards or dont update it regularly so I dont expect those timelines to be very accurate. Please reply if the you adjusted status and filed EAD/AP and how did your processing go? Thanks all and all the best!
  10. Hi everyone, Some of you know me, we've been waiting over a year and our case has been slow, we FINALLY got the notification on the USCIS website, "we scheduled an interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status" and as luck would have it this weekend we are moving from Virginia to Texas because of my job! I am a software engineer and regularly move. The last time I moved, USCIS has sent my spouse's EAD via mail, it got returned, it's been 7 months and we still have not gotten it resent because they have us waiting. My question is... does anyone have experience with this? If I notify them of moving, what will happen now, the notice is in the mail. I can get the notice and even attend the interview in the other state if that is the best option (I don't want our case set back months or years again). Is there any way to notify them now and get an interview at a local field office without without losing our place "in line"? Does anybody have any advice? I am desperate. Thanks
  11. Sorry if this has been asked before. But does anyone know the difference between the two USCIS sites? When we did K1, all we used was the egov USCIS site. Now for AOS we have an account on both the egov and DHS sites. On the egov site, it shows our status as 'Case is ready to schedule for interview' Yay! However, on the DHS site it still says they are reviewing your biotmetrics and still processing the case. I thought maybe it would take a day or so to update, but the egov site updated to case is ready on May 21. Anyone else have a similar situation? Thanks!
  12. Hi, do I need to maintain nonimmigrant legal status after I submit I-485 forms? I am currently a F-1 status, but want to withdraw. Anyone has the past experience? Thanks.
  13. Hello! I have filed for my husband's AOS from h2a with atleast 9 years of overstay. We filed his 130 concurrently with his 485 and the ead/ap. We also filed for my step children ( his minor bio kids that reside in Mexico) i 130. all in one big bulky package. USCIS received the package may 11, yesterday I got the text message that my hubby's files are accepted. Checks were cashed today BUTTTTTTTT.... only my hubby's files were accepted and only his check was cashed, is that normal? Am I being overly worried about nothing or there's something wrong with the kids' i 130? Any and all advise please, thank you.
  14. Hello all, I am in the I485 process. We filed in 2017-04-01 had a RFE in 2017-05-01 And finally they sent us an interview appointment for 2018-05-17! We received the mail at the end of April! So far so good, right? Today we received another letter from the USCIS Office in Montgomery, where it says our interview appointment is on 2018-06-11 ?! But it seems to be very odd, because the letter is not an official Form 797C Notice of Action, it is just a plain piece of paper. And it does not tell me the casenumber! And there is no phone number to call the Field Office in Montgomery. The other thing what I noticed: When I check my case online, it gives me a validation error. We already called the USCIS and they say it is an error in their system and other people are also effected by that. I coudn't find something similar who has the same problem.. Do I have to attend to both interviews?
  15. Hi Everyone, So a big day this week, My wife and I finally submitted for my AOS from F-1. Short Background - Came to USA to study abroad in 2013, met my now wife. I transferred from J1 > F1 (No 2 year requirement). Have been on F1 and F1 OPT for both my Undergraduate and Masters, my current OPT expires in August, 2018. I also recently renewed my passport, so that is a little confusing too, but we got through it and luckily by I-94 record stayed the same. With the help of everyone on here, I was able to complete the application without a lawyer, but did consult for specific questions, and with the help of VJ and Reddit, we felt comfortable that we covered all corners. I put together a Cheat-Sheet that would help me gather all the information, and among the craziness, it really did help me. The cheat sheet is below After following a follow user on here - @ColoradoBeauty with their Application here. I decided to do something very similar, and hopefully it will help in the long run. I put together folders. - I-485 (with i-693 medical inside) - I-130/130A - I-864 - I-765 & I-131 - Evidence of Bona Fide Marriage In each folder, I put on one side, the forms needed and the supporting documentation beside it. For the Bona fide, I actually put a checklist with Numbers and added them as "Tabs" so the officer could quickly see the specific evidence on the cover sheet and locate it quickly visa the tabs. Inside I-485 Inside I-130 Inside I-765 & I-131 Bona Fide Evidence Cover Sheet (Note the tabs hanging out the side) Fingers crossed and hopefully this can help those, who are in a similar position. Thanks,
  16. Our AOS interview went well. We arrived at Seattle office 30 minutes early. After a short wait we were called. Our interview officer was a lady officer. She was professional and asked us many more questions than what we thought. For my wife: They asked us many questions. From 485 form - all questions from last 2 pages...have you ever ______ questions. Have you been to US before? Have you traveled outside? Did you go to Greece...you applied for Travel authorization? Who attended engagement? When did you get married? Where was wedding? How many people attended? Where was Wedding? Who does household work? For husband/petitioner: How we met. Which online site? They they asked about when we met. Why I choose Vietnam? How did I propose? Do you still have same job? For both: Where do you live? How long did it take to get there this morning? Who does housework? How are things going? Any problems being that we are from different cultures? She said that our documents looked complete and she did not need anything else. But we can provide any additional documentation. We gave a few more documents. She said we can provide few photos. We gave her many documents and photos. Then she told us that they will decide in the next 2 weeks. If they need any additional info they will send a letter request. Otherwise we should get notification. We answered each question. We had brought every document that could have been asked. We also had supporting documents to show our married lives. Overall the interview was fair and bit longer than anticipated. Thanks to VJ for support and information. We received green card in mail after 8 days. We are both happy with the long journey and process. Now we can live our married lives.
  17. I am curious where everyone is at in the I-485 process. When did you file, and where are you at now? filed AOS from K-1 visa : July 22, 2017 current status: EAD/AP combo card: October 14, 2017. case says: as of October 18, 2017, we are ready to schedule your case for an interview. In other words, we are in processing limbo. Yay. Where are you? We are planning on leaving the country in July. I was hoping our case would process through by then, but it looks like we may have to use the AP card - makes me nervous!
  18. There are some questions on "legal name" AFTER marriage. We are completing the I-485 and stuff, but that one question comes up. After marriage, is a legal name anything she wants it to be or the maiden name until she gets AOS and GC.. Should she use her married name or maiden name as "legal name" and then sign it with the signature of what she put as legal name? She already has a SS# in her married name, that was easy, but... it is her "legal name"? What have others (who had filed and recieved the GC without problems) used for their names?
  19. Hi, I entered the US a few weeks ago on a K-1 Fiance visa, and we just got married in the US. Now we want to file for the AOS I-485. I spoke to a lawyer and he told me that filling for i-485/765/131 can take longer to process than filling just i-485/765. I cannot confirm anywhere else that what he said is true, I noticed that everyone here file for all 3 (i-485/765/131) together. I'd also mentioned that I'm in no rush to visit home so I don't really care not filling for AP and just wait on my GC to arrive. But, working is on a much higher priority to me so I would do anything to expedite the EAD. Can anyone confirm what the lawyer said? Regards, Dave
  20. I wanted to ask a question on Advance Parole regarding my mother. We applied for green card for her in 2017 March. . My mother (Indian citizen) is here since Oct 2016 on Visitor VISA. Appl for 130/485/131 were sent to Chicago and got the Advance Parole back in June 2017. She made a trip in November to India for 3 weeks and on her return, she forgot to show the Advance Parole document she was carrying with her. She was not asked about it. So her passport is stamped for 6 months, just like a person entering on Visitor visa. She does not have a paroled stamp on her passport. My question to experts here is - will this affect her pending application for green card? Hopefully they will not consider her to have abandoned her application for adjustment of status...that is what I wanted to find out. Thanks
  21. I have an approved EB1A 140 case and I-485 has been pending for more than a year. I recently change a job to a temporary location, the job is still in the same field but with different employer. What forms should I file to USCIS to fulfil legal obligations? In case I still want everything to be sent to my old address, can I skip sending them AR-11 form? Thanks, Timeline the following, AOS (I-485 + I-140 + I-765): 12/20/15: sent I140 forms to NSC (EB1A) 12/27/17: received by USCIS 6/1/2016: I140 approved 7/15/16: I-485+EAD+AP sent 7/21/16: Biometrics appointment notice received 9/28/16: EAD + AP approved (no website update) 10/10/16: EAD + AP approval notice hardcopies received 10/15/16: EAD + AP received 10/20/16: case transferred to NSC 6/30/17: EAD+AP renew submitted 9/29/17: INFOPASS at charlotte 11/10/17: RFE received 11/15/17: EAD+AP renew approved 12/26/17: RFE replied 1/2/17: RFE received confirmed by USCIS
  22. We started the process while living in San Francisco and are currently in Florida where our case is being processed, but we will be moving to NY by the end of the month. I have my interview scheduled to adjust my status in the end month and since my wife (US citizen) and I applied, she lost her job and has been on Unemployment for the last month while waiting for a job to come through in NY. If she doesn't get a job before our interview, will I be denied? We completed the I-864 Affidavit of Support with the I-485 packet in August, which has lead to us getting this interview. All paperwork has been provided. Do we still need to bring the most recent pay stubs (as listed on the 797C Notice of Action) even though it says not to bring the 864 if it has already submitted? We are both financially stable and are worried this period of unemployment will affect my eligibility.
  23. I’m very new to this site . Need help or idea people please . Just had my interview AOS on November 14/17 and hour later (for i485) i check my status online and it says my new card is being produce . And it’s been three days since . Haven’t change or update yet . What’s the next step .
  24. Ramu555

    Family Green Card

    I 130 mailed to Chicago second week of October 2017 for AOS for Family based green card. What is time it takes to get the receipt? Can the applicant stay in US, even tough the date of I90 expires if they apply I130?