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Found 13 results

  1. How should unauthorized employment (on a H1B then later a EB visa) be handled if it wasn't originally noted on the 485?
  2. Hi Guys, I had my GC interview for conditional green card (based on I-485 K1 visa) last week. During my interview, the immigration officer was really nice and calming. He asked the usual questions and said that everything looks fine and that he will approve us. At some point he asked for a new medical exam because the original that i took overseas was 'expired', obviously it wasn't since I filed my i-485 in less than 1 year after my medical exam. The good thing is that I was expecting him to tackle me on this since I was reading this forum, and saw in multiple posts that they don't really know all the rules. Anyway, I showed him the instruction page on form I-693 indicating it's not expired. He was convinced and thanked me for reading all rules and details. He asked me to make a copy of the instruction page and that he'll need to double-check that before finally approving us, as we were about to finish the interview. Then we realized he barely asked us any personal questions and didn't really take any document for bona-fide marriage from us, so we started to give him all of them at once (while joking that we put a lot of effort into assembling everything). (We gave him- joint apartment lease, joint credit card, joint health insurance, joint bank account, hundreds of pictures from over the years and wedding.... and more) At some point he stopped us and said - "i have to be honest, we only ask for more documents from people we feel that they need to prove to have a real marriage...." Then he said he'll approve us within a couple of days and gave us a letter stating- "USCIS is unable to complete your case at this time....." (and said right after we shouldn't worry. he will approve us but he needed to check the medical exam's validity with someone else in the office...) The whole interview took under 20 minutes. My wife and I shook his hands and left. A week after, we didn't hear anything. My questions are- 1. Am I suppose to see any change to our case status online? It's still says "Interview Was Scheduled" 2. Am I suppose to get a letter from USCIS? (NOA?) 3. What is the waiting time for getting the actual green card? Thanks, Dave
  3. Hi I have a question regarding “provide your most recent address outside the United States where you lived for more than one year”. I am from China and have been studying in Europe before coming to US. My address in Europe is not more than a year since I moved frequently. In this case, should I put my address in China? And for the dates - should I put till the date I came to the states (2011) or till the date I went to Europe (2009) appreciate the help!
  4. Hi all, First of all pardon me if I posted the topic in the wrong forum because I am a newbie to this site. * Straight to the main point: My I-485 from got RFE response and review on Aug the 8 then the interview was scheduled on September 6,2019. Somehow on September 9, I got the email from USCIS with the case status of my form I -485 : Your Case Status: Request for Evidence Response Review * Question: Why my case is still RFE response review even though on the September 6 case status was: Interview was scheduled? Any idea please help ( Pics includes)
  5. Any fellow Houston June 2019 filers? My PD is June 10, 2019. welcome to update your progress here!
  6. Hey folks, I’m filing the i-485 and i-765 together for my wife that was a K1. I just want to confirm a few things: Am I selecting the c9 category? Do we need to send an additional 2 passport photos, I-94, marriage certificate etc etc for the I-765, since I will already provide it with the I-485? I’m assuming no, but wanted to get some help. Can I just send a photocopy of the marriage certificate? Is the I-131 necessary to file now if she doesn’t have plans to travel outside the US? If we do file this form, is the fee waived if filing concurrently ? How long of a turnaround time have you guys been seeing for work permit and social? I’m sure these questions have been asked but I appreciate the help!
  7. Hi Guys! Thanks again for this amazing forum. Based on K1 visa and after getting married, I filed my AOS (i-485) on Feb. 2018 (received NOA receipt on march 2018). On Sep. 2018 my uscis status changed to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview". Ever since nothing. My field office is NYC, which currently shows: Does anyone here filed around the same time in NYC and got an interview scheduled? Thanks, Dave
  8. Hi Y'all, we just received our interview appointment today! May 17th! But there is a big to do list for the upcoming interview... It says the following on the notice: ... failure to bring the below listed items will result in the denial of your application. YOU MUST BRING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WITH YOU: - A completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope (unless already submitted). Well the question is, how do we make sure that they received our medical exam and the vaccination supplement? I had my medical exam due the process of the K1 Visa at the end of October 2016. (The doctor never gave me any copies, so I don't have the DS3025) I entried the United States on 03/312017. We filed our I-485 application on 04/10/2017. We never sent the I-693 or DS3025(again, I never had those documents) with our I-485 because we were thinking they have the medical exam through the POE. (I had to carry a sealed envelope and give that envelope to the Immigration Office at the POE) So again, we do not want to fail or let our AOS be denied because of the medical exam... We never received a RFE because of our medical, which could be expired? Honestly - I don't know if it is expired. Some threads are saying that it is valid for one year once you file for AOS. Which means it would be valid to 04/10/2018. But our interview is on 05/17/2018 But some threats say that they are doing exeptions, depending on the officer during the interview. What should we do? I am really confused and couldn't find THE RIGHT ANSWER through a search on here... Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, My husband (citizen) got married with his ex wife back in 2010, and filed 130&485 for her right after, and she's a green card holder since then. They got separated sometime in 2015, didn't live together anymore, but filing tax together to save money (which is legal according to IRS). I met my husband in late 2018, so he filed divorce paperwork right after we got serious, and due to the 2-month wait period, etc. the divorce was finalized in March 2019. And then we got married in June, 2019, and filed 130&485 for me after that. Background: I came to US as a F-1 student in 2013 and got H1b visa in 2016. My H1 extension case is pending and my company also filed an EB3 I-140 for me (approved, waiting for PD to be current). SO, my question is, does this seem like a bid red flag? I knew it's gonna be a red flag for them to question more in the interview, etc. Can anyone share their similar situation please? Thank you.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm guessing someone else has asked this question before. I'm filling out I-130, I-485 and related forms and in some of them, the fields won't let me type numbers, letters (if the field only allows for a date), or slash for N/A. How do I get around this? For example, when asked my status on Form I-94, it won't allow me to type F1, just the F. Same for the expiration date of authorized stay on Form I-94 which is D/S but the field only allows for numbers. I've read somewhere that opening the file in chrome actually works for typing some of these characters. However, when I tried, it didn't save any changes to the file. Does it print them though? I do not own a printer (yet-I'm sure I'll have to get one soon for the multiple times I'll need to check everything) so I couldn't test it. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi everyone! My husband and I are the process of filling out the I-130, I-485, and related forms for my change of status from F-1. I've been freaking out for a while now because of our specific situation. My husband suffers from a physical condition and has been dependent on his parents since he was 21. For this reason, he doesn't work and has always lived with them. He's never filed taxes and doesn't have any assets on his name, only his bank account but no credit cards. I have no clue what to provide as proof of bona fide marriage. We don't have assets on our name, we both have separate health insurance and we're pretty broke right now on our own so I don't think we'll be purchasing any other insurance in the near future. Both of our cars are under our relatives' names as well as our car insurance. We dated for over 3 years before getting married but I don't think that we have anything to prove this besides pictures, affidavits from family and friends, and maybe hotel receipts of trips we did together. I plan to add him to my bank account as to show a joint account, but I'm not sure what else we could do...? Also, would it be recommendable to have him add me to his? Or just one joint account would suffice? We pretty much have lived these past three years between his house and mine and he moved to my place this month. Again, "my place" is really my aunt's place. Is there a way to add us to any formal document to prove that we live together? I'm thinking about having him change his address on his driver's license and school stuff but other than that I'm clueless. Also, is there a way to add us to our car titles on time for filing the forms? (we plan to file in a couple of weeks). The reason I am asking this is I have no idea what are the requirements for leases or titles (can three people be on the title as owners, for example?). I don't know if it is necessary to have a credit history or similar in order to do that (neither of us has any so far). I appreciate any insight you guys have. I will probably ask a bunch of questions regarding the forms pretty soon as well. Thank you!!
  12. Anyone has done marriage-based I-485 interview in St. Louis? What is the normal timeline for EAD and I-485 approval in this office?
  13. So alot has happened since i been this site so I will try to make it short and explain myself. My wife ( then fiance ) came here january 2017 we got married in march 2017 , we had our long distance relationship since fall 2015 so alot of time has been put into this , i even visited twice . Ever since 2017 there has always been a communication issue between us and maybe that was because of being brought up differently im not too sure. Arguments , verbal attacks , lack of communication , divorce threats , silent treatment , fighting have all been happening atleast once a month ever since even with having a daughter back november 2017 it never got easier. I have my faults and im willing to work on my flaws but im with someone who will delfect , provoke , and use verbal attacks to get back at me for things. She will claim im a violent person , i have a temper etc etc. but the question has always been in this two way thing we have called marriage what has her input been? Why has this husband of mine gotten mad or loud? Instead of playing the victim all the time and taking responsiblity for her own inputs in the marriage its gotten to the point where she can threaten me with divorce multiple times , disrepects me infront of people , has called me all the names in the world , and still will blame me for everything on the sun. Right now im at my parents house and were just taking a "break" this separation will result in two things . 1 she calls me and shes finally ready to work on ourselves and we move on on all past things or 2 we stay separated for a year and i file divorce " no fault divorce" i tihnk they call it in nc . The only thing i care about now is my daughter and there is no point trying to force someone to stay married to you if there just going to keep threatening divorce to you every month. In this mess her 2 year GC expires next year , thoughts on what to do ?
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