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Found 5 results

  1. Although every case is different, it's still nice to have other cases to reference on since there is a lack in timeline tracking for waivers... I wanted to start a forum for members to enter there time lines in hopes that others can maybe have some insight on processing times as well. This is for I-212 ONLY. CITIZENSHIP VISA TYPE + timeline K1 denial : FEB 13th 2019, CANADA PHEONIX LOCK BOX I-212 waiver submitted: FEB 26th,2019 RECEIVED DATE (NOA): MAR 15th, 2019
  2. I would appreciate as much input into our case as possible, but my main question is about inadmissiblity and a subsequent k1 visa application. A few years ago I started talking with a man from the netherlands. We decided to meet and pursue a relationship. About 10 months after we started talking he came to the US for 2 weeks and stayed in a hotel. We spent a lot of time together and decided we definitely want to pursue a relationship. Then several months later I went to the Netherlands and stayed with him for a while. We made plans to come to the US together and marry and apply for a greencard for him. Obviously in retrospect a HUGE mistake. But until then I only knew about the experience my friend's husband (a greencard holder from another European country) had. He came as a tourist, met her, returned to his country, came back as a tourist again and then married her. They all lived happily ever after. So I thought this was okay. So when we arrived at the passport checkpoint in the US we were honest about our intentions. He was pulled into an interview room. They asked us both questions. We answered honestly. In the end he was sent back the same day. He had 212 (a) (7) (a) (i) (I) stated as the reason. The paperwork said "you will no longer be able to use the visa waiver program or ESTA for all future travel to the United States you will need to be in possession of a valid immigrant or non-immigrant visa." There is no official term for whether he was allowed to withdraw from the US or if he was removed upon arrival. He has never overstayed, worked here, or committed a crime anywhere. We were both upfront and cooperative with the officials. They recommended we apply for a k1 visa, so I believe we are not ineligible for that. But I'm unsure of whether we will need a waiver. And if we do, will we submit it with the I-129, or will they request it later? Does this slow down the already almost unbearably long process? I'm just so worried about this whole process because I love him and want a life with him and I cannot move permanently to the Netherlands because I have a child with my ex-husband and cannot leave her. Thank you so much for reading, and for any pertinent information you could share.
  3. Hello everyone, I have been trying to find answers similar to my case below, but the more policy that I read the more confused I become. I am hoping that someone is able to guide me down the right path. Background: My girlfriend was subject to expedited removal last year, with the following: 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) - intending immigrant not in possession of immigration visa. She had a tourist visa, they suspected immigration intent. No overstay occurred. 212(a)(9)(A)(i)(I) - because she was subject to expedited removal. Our I-129F was just approved last week. I know that consent to reapply is needed in order to eventually obtain a K-1 visa. However, even though the K-1 is a "nonimmigrant" visa, I see a bunch of special provisions for it to be treated as an immigrant visa. Since that's the case, she does not need to overcome the inadmissibility if 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I). Assuming that a later inadmissibility is not found, she would just need to obtain consent to reapply.. correct? According to the USCIS Policy Manual (Part 9A Chapter 2): https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-9-part-a-chapter-2 "C. Consent to Reapply Permission to reapply for admission into the United States after deportation or removal, also known as “consent to reapply,” is not a waiver. [3] Consent to reapply is a distinct remedy that permits a foreign national to seek admission. If the statute specifies that the foreign national must obtain consent to reapply to overcome the inadmissibility, a waiver of inadmissibility is not a substitute for consent to reapply. [4] " If so, will her visa be denied with "no waiver eligible", or will the consular officer accept the 212 form for CTR after her visa interview? -- if the consular officer does, will this be adjudicated at Nebraska or the field office that has jurisdiction over her removal proceedings? Should she apply for CTR with the USCIS field office now even though she is a K immigrant visa applicant? -- or alternately, should it be filed now at the Phoenix lockbox? I'm really confused on how exactly the form is adjudicated, and how CTR is processed if no waiver of an inadmissibility is required. I appreciate the time anyone spends looking at this.
  4. I recently submitted an expedite request and just got an email receipt. I only requested on the phone. So in reference to my K1 expedite.. the officer will submit an email and give you the directions to submit documents and proof to then conclude the approval or denial of your request... This was the email I received.. It said they are unable to process my request.. but then gave me an option to submit documents? so what does that mean? and my waiver is only 212.. NOT 601.. so I'm not sure why it is referenced..
  5. Going through the process of expedited removal.. is it normal to not have has any stamps or writing issued in your passport? Also, no paperwork that states/lists your ban? The only paperwork ever given through the whole process was the I-860. Only thing included in that paper was a written paragraph stating inadmissible under section 212 (a)(7)(a)(I)(I) and what that meant.. is it normal to have such a lack of documentation from an expedited removal?
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