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Found 16 results

  1. Thought I'd create this thread for those who submitted files to the NVC in August since I couldn't find one My date of submission is 8/22 As of 9/7 they're reviewing cases received on 6/29 It's been going a bit faster the past couple of weeks so hopefully we hear something soon *fingers crossed*
  2. Hi everybody! I have a question regarding Affidavit of Support at NVC stage. Is it required to attach 2021 tax return or is 2020 tax return okay? I wasn't planning to file 2021 tax return until March of this year and don't want to wait that long until I submit AOS. Should I go ahead and submit with what I have which is the 2020 tax return? Any insights would help. Thanks.
  3. Hi, My I-485 got approved on 11/9. I want to know how much time is it taking for the Greencard to arrive in mail at present.The office said 3-4 weeks.Online shows 1-2 weeks. Haven’t received the Notice yet.Status online “will receive notice by 11/27”. How long is it taking for the GC to arrive after “GC produced” status? Planning to travel in first week of December.
  4. Hi All, We received this email from the NVC on March 09/21 in regards of our F2B immigrant visa status: “The National Visa Center (NVC) received all the requested documentation for this immigrant visa case. The applicant is now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment overseas, where a consular officer will adjudicate the applicant’s visa application.” We have yet to have an interview date (of course since Covid, everything is taking a lot longer than expected). Has anyone with a relatable case have gotten an interview date in the USA embassy in Colombia and if so, how long did you wait this year? I appreciate your response, thank you ps: all documents are in order/approved all payments have been submitted just counting the days/hours until the interview date is available!
  5. I filed AOS on June 2019 and finally got our interview scheduled this August 2021! They were asking for us to bring our pay stubs and a letter from employer (for both of us - me and my husband) I'm not sure if I also have to bring our W2 (since I don't have W2 yet because I just started working) Do we need to file NEW Affidavit of Support (me and my husband)?? Or I just need to bring the COPY of Affidavit of Support of my husband's that I submitted when I filed my AOS? Also, is there any checklist of requirements to bring on the Medical Examination and Interview? Thank you for your answer!
  6. Hello everyone, I am new here and just wanted to ask a question for those who might know more or can just give some clarification. Me and my fiance had filed for a the I-129F (Fiance visa) and we got our NOA1 saying that our petition was received on the 23 of April. When should be looking for our visa to be approved? I understand that this is a long prosses so I understand I need to wait, but the USCIS website says that it should take about 5.5 to 7.5 moths, short term September October, Long term November January. but that's just me thinking. Does anyone have any onfp on the matter?
  7. Hey I’m in desperate need of help. My husband had his green card interview on 7/2/2021 and the interviewer said he passed the interview but that some there are some technical issues regarding his medical exam results (he got his exam on Monday 6/28/2021. We got a formal sheet stating that very thing. We’ve called multiple times and they still have his passport. They say the case is still open and are waiting for this issue to resolve. I don’t know what to do. He’s getting so beyond depressed and we just want to go home. Btw he was on DACA living in the states legally and we got married. He hasn’t even been living in Mexico for 15 years.
  8. Hello, guys! I am an american citizen, and got married to Romanian citizen. Romania is in the "Skill List", and he has "two years rule applies" twice. It's weird, because he got 2 J1 visas, and both had this rule. How did he get the second J1 visa, I really do not understand. Anyways... We got all documents from Romanian embassy and have sent to state gov. He does not owe any money to any states, no scholarships, no grants. BUT his J1 visa is already expired for 7 years, not sure if it's important. Just want to understand how long we have to wait for the answer in "COVID era." I saw in this forum that some applicants waited for 1 month, some for 8 months. Does anybody have removing "two years rule" experience in 2021? I have attached screen, we have started the process in 2019, but just this year got all documents what we needed.
  9. Can anyone create March 2021 sheet for I-751 filers please?
  10. Hey friends, At about the end of January 2020 my girlfriend had flew back to her home country and I couldn't fly to see her after March 2020, nor could she fly here to connect with me again. We aren't married, but have been together for 4 plus years. Under economic circumstances(income, residence, full cost of K1 beyond application fee) I didn't file the K1 or CR1 visa app last year. Now I have the resources to apply, however it's been a tough year as everything was unknown, and knowing the US government is known for it's "efficient" time frames. We intend to not only be married, but to be together again. Question 1 At this period of time for the CR1, do any of you have recommendations of a country(ies) where we can both meet to get married? (I'm a US citizen and she is a Taiwan Citizen) I read that the CR1 route might be the way - however cost isn't an issue so a K1 seems pretty straight forward. Question 2 Are any of you in the same situation? Feel free to share your story for a bit. It's been frustrating for a lot of couples, I'm sure. Questions 3a and 3b? Have any of you filed the K1 during the times of March 2020 to March 2021? Please share your experience. Thanks in advance.
  11. Starting a forum for everyone who's waiting for interview in Manila 2021. PLS share your experience. My parents got DQ'd this march 2021.Still waiting for the letter from NVC. Thanks and good luck to US.
  12. Hello! Wondering if anyone here is on the same boat as I am? It's been a few months (Oct 2020) since our last e-mail from NVC; pending interview schedule at the US Embassy in Montreal. We don't know what the timeline is as of the moment or if we are getting an interview date anytime soon. I really miss my husband and we haven't been together since the US-Canada border closing last March Our priority date is Feb 2020. Anybody here who has the same (or close to similar) situation? Would love to know!🙂 thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm preparing the documents for my AOS interview that was scheduled a week ago (still didn't receive the interview letter and no idea of the date). For the I-864 supporting documents, I am taking with me : Pay stubs (last 2 months), Letter from employer, Tax return transcripts (past 3 years) we still don't have the W-2. is there any other documents we have/can add to this ? Thank you !
  14. Hi everyone ! I'm trying to prepare all documents for our AOS interview (Green card from K1). What do they mean by " All documentation establishing your eligibility for lawful permanent resident status " ? What are the exact documents I have to bring for this? I'm confused by this because they already mentioned in another line to bring the marriage certificate. Thank you for you help
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