Consulate / USCIS Member Review #16750

Sweden Review on May 4, 2015:

Review Topic: K1 Visa

I was at the embassy at 8 am, and lined up by the sign that says to line up there if you're a US citizen or you have an immigrant visa interview scheduled. After about 10-15 minutes of waiting I was called up to security, where I had to show them my passport and DS-160 confirmation page, plus take off my jacket and show them the bottoms of my shoes. Then inside, through the metal detector, where they gave me a receipt for my cell phone and keys, that I wasn't allowed to bring in with me.

Inside, the security officer didn't know if the K1 was an immigrant or non-immigrant visa - I told him immigrant, and was sent to window G. There I gave them my passport at first. I was then called back to window G a little later, to give them the rest of my paperwork (passport photos, I-134, proof, birth certificate, police certificate, divorce decree with translation). He also asked me a few questions about how/when we met, and had me write my name and address on an envelope.

After another short wait I was called up to window D for my actual interview. After swearing me in and taking my fingerprints, she asked me questions about how/when we met, how many times we'd met, why was I moving to the US and not him to Norway, wedding plans. Then she told me my visa was approved and that I would receive my visa in the mail in about 14 days.

All in all a very good experience. Everyone were really friendly, and the whole process was very quick - I was done by about 8:45, since they let me in early (my appointment was originally at 8:30).