Consulate / USCIS Member Review #10729

London, United Kingdom Review on October 24, 2012:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

As told to me by my fiancÚ...

After stopping by Gould's to drop off his phone and other electronic items, he joined the queue at the Embassy gate. He said there were maybe 60 people ahead of him, but he was inside by 7:50AM.
Around 8:35AM, he met with a black woman who had braided hair with gold beads on the ends. She also happened to be from my birth state of Maryland, go figure! He said she was nice. She took his paperwork and compiled the file that would be used for the interview. In the interview letter, they asked him to bring the DS-156, 157 and 156k forms, even though those were already mailed in. He had copies of all of those plus the DS-230, which wasn't mentioned in the letter. However, when he went to the first window, he was asked for all of those DS forms, including the DS-230. So, make sure you have copies of all of the DS forms submitted and bring at least one additional set of copies just in case.

She also said that if the petitioner pays the visa fee, that the MRV receipt should be attached to the I-134 documentation. Not sure if anyone else has heard of that previously, but figured it would be worth mentioning. In all, that process took about 15 minutes.

From there, he sat back down to wait for his number, I-907, to be called. About 20-30 minutes later, he was called to another window. The CO was a youngish man with a dark short beard with brown hair. My fiancÚ said he looked like the actor Chris O'Dowd. The CO didn't ask to see any proof of relationship/proof of ongoing relationship items.

Questions asked:
How did you come into contact with [LeftCoastLady]?
When did you first meet in real life?
Were you in a relationship after that?
What do you think brought you two together as a couple?
Have you seen [LeftCoastLady] this year?
How do you stay in touch? (Again, the CO just asked the question, but did not ask for any print-outs of Skype logs, etc.)

Although my fiancÚ's police certificate came back clean, he did have an old arrest (over 20 years ago for being a drunk punk/mouthing off, but no fighting or anything like that) which he noted on the DS-230. He was asked about why he put down why he'd been arrested and if he'd been arrested anywhere else since. (He hasn't.)

What do you plan on doing job-wise in the US?
He was asked about my family and if he's met them.
How long has [LeftCoastLady] been in Portland?
What are the plans for the wedding?
Has [LeftCoastLady] ever been married? Does she have any kids?
How much money does [LeftCoastLady] earn? What does she do for a living?

After telling my fiancÚ he was approved, the CO said, "I think you'll like it, I'm from Oregon." The CO reminded my fiancÚ to take the slip to the courier to have his passport with the visa delivered. He left the embassy around 9:45AM. After returning to Gould's to pick up his electronic things, he found a quiet side street to call me to share the good news!