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Jacksonville FL USCIS Office Reviews

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Jacksonville FL USCIS Office Reviews
Average Rating: 4.3 / 5
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Jacksonville FL Review #29694 on June 3, 2021:


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Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

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Jacksonville FL Review #28993 on January 12, 2021:


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Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We arrived 15 min before the appointment, and we did not wait long before being called into the office.
The officer kept a fast pace, but seemed only to want to cross the tt and dot the ii.
Asked our names, and our parent names, DoBs.
Asked for two copies of our daughters birth certificate. The officer had one copy but needed 1 copy per each of our 3 files... couldn't make copies I guess!
We handed our medical reports, and asked for my new letter of employment.
Asked if my new job was similar to my first, and that was it.
It took about 15min, and the officer gave no clue as to if she was going to accept or not.
But half an hour later the case got updated to cards in production!

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Jacksonville FL Review #28966 on January 5, 2021:


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Review Topic: Naturalization

I don't know if I would be able to give this review unless I found the nicest Officer Ferrill. (I do not say other officers are not nice but this is the only officer I met) You can not ask a better person.

I was the first one on the line and they opened the door at 6:45 for my 7 am appointment. Security officers were nice to me as I had no any issues but followed their guidance. (Two ladies behind me were struggling taking a long time to check their own bags for perfumes or lighters) My phone was in silent mode.

I was sitting in waiting room about 15 minutes until the officer from 1st counter called me. There was a plexiglass between us. He asked me to remove my mask to identify my face. Then gave the promise to tell the truth.
Then asked my passport(s) and green card. Took my old expired green card and gave me a copy back.

Next asked the 6 questions.
1 What are the 2 ways American can participate their democracy?
2. What is the political party of current president?
3.What is the age to vote for a president?
4. Why the flag has 13 stripes?
5. Why the flag has 50 starts?
6.Name one part of the US government.

Reading Test: Washington D.C is the capital of the United State.
Writing Test: California state has the largest population.

Next asked questions from my application.
My name?
Husband's name?
How many marriages?
What is the name of my husband's ex?
How old are my husband's children from ex marriage?
How many years I have been married to current husband?
Traveling outside the US?
(I completely forgot I was passing the Mexico border and spent about half hour there when I was traveling in Arizona for last thanksgiving. So I did not mentioned that in my application. He asked me about my 'November" visit outside the country. Then I remembered and told him about the short visit and it was not a problem)

Congratulated me for passing the test and told to inform me the decision soon after they will verify some documents I brought new.
Next day the approval letter was online followed by the postal mail.

Ceremony will be the end of January! (No visitors)

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Jacksonville FL Review #28826 on November 24, 2020:


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Review Topic: Naturalization

Interview Date was today, 11/23/2020.

I didn't bring in any electronics with me but cellphones are allowed just as long as they are on silent mode. Before entering the door, due to COVID, they have new protocols. I was wearing a cloth mask - I was told by security that they only allow surgical masks. They gave me one.

I proceeded to get past the security and headed towards the receptionist to get my # and went inside the waiting room.

My appointment was for 1:30pm but I was only called at 2:25pm. The officer, Mr. T Ferrill was very nice and I felt that even at the beginning of the conversation.

He asked for my passport and 10 years greencard and had me raise my right hand and swore to tell the truth snd nothing but the truth.

He started off by getting the civics test out of the way.

Civic Test Questions:
What is freedom of religion?
Why are there 50 stars in the flag?
Why are there 13 stripes in the flag?
What did Martin Luther King Jr. do?
Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court right now?
What is the supreme law of the land?

Reading and Writing:
Who elects Congress?
The people elects Congress.

**I wasn't asked to define any words.

Officer asked me a few questions to confirm a few details / info about myself and my husband:

Where do you work?
What do you do there?
Did you travel outside of the US in the last 3 years?
Was your husband born inside or outside the US?

He asked about the address change since the one we had when I filed was different from the current one in the system. He asked me when we moved to the new place and if I have the lease with me. I told him we actually bought the place, and I didn't have the title with me because the title company has not sent it yet and I have proof of that. I had a feeling that could be brought up and I am so glad I brought some paperwork with me that shows we did buy a condo: letters from the mortgage company + the printed email exchange I had with the title company proving that COVID delayed their process of sending out the deed of our home.

He also asked us why we filed our taxes separately during the last tax season (we have always filed jointly except for 2019) and I have a ready and printed out explanation for that as well. YES I CAME PREPARED! 😆 He asked for the 2019 Tax forms with the attached W2s.

He asked how our marriage is and if we plan to divorce each other, lol.

Yes and No Questions followed.

He then told me he is approving my application, printed my oath ceremony appointment letter and told me to come back on December 4, 2020 to get sworn in.

Officer was so nice, greeted me "Happy Birthday" and told me that this is their (USCIS and America) birthday gift for me as it is my birthday 10 days after the oath taking ceremony.

A TIP: In the letter for the interview appointment, it tells us to bring the originals of everything we submitted online. Make sure you bring originals of everything you filed PLUS all evidences of your marriage that you incurred AFTER you already filed because the officer could ask you for those things just like what happened to me. Officer was very happy I came in prepared, makes his job easier he said.

All in all it was a very good experience. Thank you USCIS, thank you Mr. Ferrill and thank yoy America!!

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Jacksonville FL Review #28648 on October 6, 2020:


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Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We were originally scheduled to interview back in March, but that one was cancelled for COVID-19.

Today's interview went great. Our goal was to be over-prepared with documentation, using the last 11 months constructively to build a strong case for my wife's AOS. Our interviewer came to the waiting room and led us back to her office about 25 minutes after our scheduled interview time. We sat down in her office, separated from her by a plexiglass shield, and took an oath to tell the truth. She conversationally asked us some questions about our story as a couple while she took notes of all our responses. Then she asked the list of yes/no questions from memory, which was actually kind of impressive. In spite of all our preparation, the IO didn't really require anything from us, aside from needing some documentation that showed our current address on it (we had moved twice since we submitted our package last October).

From start to finish, the IO was friendly and professional. She identified herself as Officer Davis, and I believe we were incredibly lucky to have her as our IO. My wife was nervous going in to the interview, but Officer Davis put her mind at ease. At the end of the interview, our IO gave us the opportunity to ask her any questions, and then told us that if we wanted to give her anything else we had brought, we could. We gave her a stack of evidence to put in our file, but by that point, she already had enough evidence to make her decision.

She told us we were approved! We watched her stamp our I-485 "APPROVED". Then she said to expect the green card in the mail, and explained the timeline for filing ROC. By the time we got home, the USCIS case tracker had already updated to "New Card Is Being Produced". 🍾

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