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Singapore US Consulate Reviews
Average Rating: 3.8 / 5
97 Review(s)
Review #28132 on March 2, 2020:


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Review Topic: General Review

I'm very happy that we got approved this morning, and I get a lot of info from visa journey prior to the interview, so it's my turn to contribute.

Before the interview is basicially the same, but they checked your tempreture also before you go through the security.

After entering the interview room and showing the lady my appiontment letter, i was told to seat and wait for my name to be called.
And 20 mins later, i was called to the counter 8 to provide my docs, they are my original birth cert, marriage cert and police cert, and additionally, my filled DS-5540, public charge form.The guy asked me if i have been to china for the last 14 days, and if is this the first marriage we had, do we have any kids, then i was told to go back to the seat and wait for my name to be called again for the intervierw.

15 mins later, i was called and go to the counter 7, the questions are very simple, like:
- when did you get married
- how did you meet each other
- what's your husband's job
- what is the domestic voilence pamphlet about
- what number should you call if you encounter domestic violence?
- if i registered the courier

That's bascially it, im surprised that they didnt ask anything regarding the new public charge form and my hubby's docs -such as i-864 or IRS Tax turn. The staffs and CO is very friendly also. And we entered the embassy at 840am and left at around 10am.

In the end i got approved and will get notified when the passport is ready for collection.

Review #27793 on January 13, 2020:


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Review Topic: General Review

Oppss. Wrong. Sorry po.

(updated on January 14, 2020)

Review #27349 on October 25, 2019:



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Review Topic: General Review

I relied heavily on this website when I was preparing for my K1 Visa Interview, so it's only fair that I share my experience for those waiting anxiously.
Before I start, may I emphasize please schedule your medical appointments at Pivot Medical. Service is top notch, and they deliver the results to the embassy pretty fast and even kept you updated. Two thumbs up!

Vaccinations done on my own ahead of time on June 2019 @ TTSH Traveller's Clinic
*Doctor from Pivot "nagged" at me said I took unnecessary vaccinations from going to TTSH. Said I should've taken the shots at the clinic. But if you're thick skinned like me, just smile and say "Orh sorry"

Anwyway, moving on.. I received notification that my interview was scheduled on Aug after submitting packet 3 and making payment at Singpost.
Date: Wednesday Aug 28th 2019 @ 8:45am

I arrived at 8:30am, went through security and handed over my fitbit and my earphones. Walked through a long uphill slope and was whisked away to the room that had a lot of windows. THERE WAS SUCH A LONG QUEUE! Thankfully for K1 visa, you don't need to wait in line. There was a row of chairs lined up against the wall and I sat there after clarifying with reception lady. Waited for about 15mins and my name was called from Window 8.
A tall, bespectacled Asian man attended to me and he took all the necessary documents that I was instructed to bring. Clarified if I have already registered for courier or passport collection service. He also handed me the IMBRA Pamphlet again (this was included in Packet 3) and told me to read it. Then he told me to remain seated and someone will call my name.

I returned to my seat and waited a good 45mins before I was called to Window 4. A pleasant looking American man greeted me, made me raise my right hand to take the oath and began asking me a few questions
1. What is your fiance name?
2. What do you call him? (I replied Oppa, he's Korean-American lol)
3. So how did you meet "Obba"? (His pronunciation so cute lah)
4. How many times have you met him? When? Where?
5. What does "Obba" do for a living?
6. Can you summarise the IMBRA Pamphlet for me? (Which I did and he was impressed haha!)
7. What do you do if you find yourself in an abusive marriage when you are in US? Obvious answer: Call 911

Then he looked at the computer for a few seconds before making eye contact. The words I really all wanted to hear......
"Congratulations, I have no issue with your case and I will be approving your visa and it will be ready by next week!"

I was so happy I did a little wiggle. hahah. Turned behind and there were a few Filipino ladies waiting for their turn and we gave each other the thumbs up. Then it dawned on me the room is so small everyone probably heard my dating story based on the 7 points above. LOL. Anyway, I got good news so I didn't really care. I waved to them and said good luck before leaving.

5 days later I receved notification that my visa is ready for collection at the Aramex Chinatown. Zoomed there and tadaa!
Finally left Singapore on 25th Sep 2019. Been a month here and just married "Obba" last Saturday. On to the AOS next ~

I'm so glad I was kiasu by nature and prepared everything. hahah. Anyway, good luck to those waiting! =)

Review #26807 on August 2, 2019:



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Review Topic: K1 Visa

Overall my experience was pretty good.

My appointment was at 845am. I arrived at 5-10 mins earlier, showed my interview email hard copy to the security guard and immediately went through the security scanner and deposit my phone, portable charger, smart watch and earpiece at the guardhouse. Then it’s a one-way in to the main building. The place where the interview was held is the room on the left after you gone through your second security check where they will check your bag. The room of the interview area is similar to how old banks look like. The counter 7 followed by 6 is where I got my interviews at.

At counter 6, the person checked if I have all my documents, he asked for my Passport, birth cert, COC and affidavit of support. they only asked for a photocopy of my birth cert only and took the others in original copies. He asked me if my fiancé was married and if either of us have children. My answer was no to both. And I was given the pamphlet on the topic of abusive situations to read before being called again for one more interview.

At counter 7, the guy asked me to make an oath to be honest and true, followed by finger print for all 10 fingers. Then the interview begin!
-when and where did you two meet?
- when was the last time you two met?
- is he married?
- do either of you have children from previous relationships?
- summarise the pamphlet
- if you’re the victim, what do you do? - call 911
And that was it he said everything looks good and I will be notified in 7-10 days.

It was a little awkward sharing my stories at the counter while so many people behind me within earshot. But I was like what the hell and just start talking. Haha.

Each time spent at each counter felt like 5 mins only and I was out of the embassy at 905am.

My medical check up was done at Fullerton health. I schedule for the check up immediately after I paid for the $371 visa fee. My appointment there was at 330pm on 1st July 2019, the clinic was so packed I was actually shock and it wasn’t a good experience for me as when they finally called my name it was 1.5hrs later. Then each person I met for a different thing was a 15-20 mins wait interval. The doctor was really friendly though. The nurse then advise that I run my blood test first (takes 1 week to receive the results) to check if I ever had chicken pox so if it is present in my blood, I only have to take 3 jabs instead of 4 which is major savings for me as the chicken pox vaccine is the most expensive among the rest. So I left the clinic at nearly 6pm and waited for them to call me to schedule the appointment to get my jabs, I had to call the clinic 3-4 times after 1 week so I finally managed to schedule on the 11th of July. At the same time I was being mindful of all the bad reviews I heard about Fullerton Health and I didn’t want any delays in my visa. So I called them Everyday from the 22nd of July to check if they courier out my reports to the embassy yet. And finally on the 24th they emailed me the medical results and updated me that it has been mailed out that day. I think if I haven’t done that I would have face delays after my interview.

I checked the CEAC the next day (1Aug2019) and it shows Administrative Processing. Then the next day, I checked and it shows Issued. I’ll be able to collect my passport from the Changi south Aramex office as this is the location I selected.

Review #26720 on July 24, 2019:


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Review Topic: K1 Visa

On the 24th of July, I was set to have my interview for my K1 Visa at the Singapore Embassy.

My interview was stated to be at 9:30am and I reached the Embassy at around 9:15 - 9:20 am if I am not wrong.

Exited the taxi and was instructed by the security guard to enter a security screening room with the X-ray machine. I had to walk through the scanner and my belongings had to go through the scanner- standard procedure. My smartphone and earpiece had to be held by the staff and I was given a token to collect it later.

Then, I was led to a vertical walkway up to the main entrance of the embassy where I had to go to another similar security checkpoint with the same scanners. The exact same procedure was done, and then onto a bank teller esque room where the interview was to be held. It's a fairly patriotic looking room, the floor is a velvety blue with accents of red furniture to supplement the flag. You will be greeted by a photograph of the President and Vice-President as you enter into, depending on what year and administration the US government is under.

For a K visa, you are not required to join the long slew of otherwise (nonimmigrant?) visa applicants. (To be very honest with you, I am perpetually confused about the classification of a K visa. It is mostly known as nonimmigrant but on the CEAC tracker and in the embassy it is treated as an immigrant visa, possibly because of the AOS). You will then take a seat in the seats available while waiting for your name to be called through the PA system.

It felt like forever honestly. Some claim that there is no means of telling time in that room, but there is a display TV at the centre of the room that has an interface telling the time in SGT with visuals of the US underneath- so that was my main means of telling the time. I would've assumed that my name would be called at 9:30am sharp, but it took 15-20 minutes more for my name to be called to counter 7.

At counter 7 I encountered a polite and efficient Asian man who asked for my passport and relevant documentation. I submitted my birth extract, my police certificate, Form I-134, my fiance's form 1040 (2018) and w2 (2018) [Also I added my fiance's 2017 W2 into the mix but he returned it back to me. I don't think it is needed if you have ample evidence of support], letter of employment verification, and letter of bank account verification. I also submitted my deed poll and written undertaking because my name was changed as a child and hence, different from my birth name on my birth certificate.

Surprisingly they did not need any photocopy of anything. Which is quite misleading because on various re-iterations of the interview notice they request for photocopies of originals. So do take note of that.

He then asked
1. Are you single?
2. Do you have any children?
3. Is your fiance single?
2. Does your fiance have any children?

We don't have any children and are both legally single, so he just passed me the IMBRA pamphlet and missing documentation form and told me to wait for my name to be called again.

Also there was a yelling toddler in the midst of all of this and the other visa applicant's counter was very noisy. I couldn't really hear what he was saying sometimes.

I then waited about 25 minutes where my full name was called out to Counter 8 for the final interview. A stern yet firm European American man was behind the counter. It went as such-

1. Raising my right hand for the oath to swear that I am telling the truth
2. Scanning my fingerprints on all fingers (I expected the machine to not be able to read my dry fingers like the CoC biometrics scanner, but this machine scanned it perfectly. I put a bit of lotion on my palms that morning too so if you have dry fingers and usually have issues with biometrics, don't worry too much)

Question time!

1. What is your fiance's full name?
2. How did you guys meet and when? (I specified the exact date)
3. When did you guys first meet in real life?
4. Where was it?
5. When did you guys meet the second time?
6. Where was that?

Then a long time as he kept staring into his computer....

7. What does your fiance work as?
8. So your fiance is sponsoring you, yes?
9. What are your wedding plans?

And depending on your case, expect some personal questions as well. If you're truthful and telling the truth it will go well.

Also you have to paraphrase the IMBRA pamphlet given to you and explain it. Don't make the same mistake I did and overthink, as the CO asked 'If you are abused, what number should you call?' And my mind immediately drifted to try to recall all of the abuse hotlines in the pamphlet lmao. He then clarified that he meant the police number (911).

Finally... he told me I was approved! No issues with the affidavit of support or the medical, If you are a Singaporean applicant please switch over to Pivot Medical instead of Drs Horne and Chin as they will send your medical on time and circumvent any delays.

I was also told that it will be fully approved later this week, and I assume my passport would be ready next week or the week after. I've chosen Aramex pick-up at People's Park Center- so I will provide a small review of that when the time comes.

The reason why I am giving this embassy 3 stars is honestly because I feel like the layout is inconvenient when you can hear other people's answers to their own visa (which can be a concern for privacy) and the sound levels are hard to regulate with the amount of people which can affect how smooth your interview goes (especially if you can't hear your CO.) I hope something gets done about that. Otherwise, the staff are very professional and curt.

(updated on July 24, 2019)

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