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India US Consulate Reviews
Average Rating: 3.9 / 5
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Mumbai, India
Review #28033 on February 18, 2020:



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Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Interview went smoothly. Appt. time was scheduled for 7:30am. My husband selected English for the interview, so unfortunately we had to wait around 3 hours for them to get through all of the interviews using translators. We had been told this would happen.

I had a ton of proof at i-130 stage, and submitted more at NVC stage, so we knew it would be a fairly easy interview.

Are his parents ok with our age difference? how do they feel about it? (they love her! )
What does he currently do for employment? (currently unemployed)
where did he work for last job? (described position and title)
What high school did he attend? (odd question since he is college graduate)
What is the age difference between you and your spouse? (I am 20 years older than my husband and Caucasian)
How many times has your spouse visited you? (9 visits/5 years)
Do you have photos?

Visa approved

Mumbai, India
Review #27994 on February 12, 2020:

KK and UR


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Review Topic: K1 Visa

It was quiet smooth for me with no hassle at all. The only thing I want to highlight for other's is if you are coming in for 7:15 AM slot please make arrangements for your bag and electronics because the locker facility opens only post 7:30 AM.

Mumbai, India
Review #27953 on February 7, 2020:



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Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Here is my interview experience today ;
Me and my husband reached embassy at 6:45 am and was out by 8:30 .

We went Inside there was Line for ppl according to language selection and the staff were arranging docs with original and photocopy , at 7:45 am they gave my token#

Reached Window# 12 at 8 am they collect originals and give back photocopies ..
Questions asked at first window:
1. Who is calling you ?( my husband was with me ) .
2. What is your full name?
3. What is your date of birth?
4.When did you get married?
5. Have you ever visit outside India?
6.Is this your both first marriage ?
7. How long you been married?
( our 2 years completed )

Window # 14 ( Interview conducted by white lady).

My husband went with me to the interview window .. she asked him ..Are you the Petitioner?? Then she told my husband to have a seat at the back .. we will call u if we need to.

First took oath and finger prints. Then CO start questioning..
She started typing and had the visa approved letter by her side ..

Question asked by CO;

1. Who is calling you?
2. Where is he living ?
3. With whom he is living?
(My husband is living with his sister and her family , so she asked me how many members in his sister family )
4. What is your husband do for living?
5. When did you get married ?
6. Who arranged the wedding?
7. How many people attended wedding ?
8. Is this your both first marriage?
9. Love Or Arrange marriage ?
10. How did you both met each other?
11. When did you both see first time each other?
12. How long he stayed with you after marriage ?
( he stayed 4 months with me , so she said why he stayed 4 months - I said to spend time together and had few family occasions. ) She was happy to hear that .
13. How many times he came india after marriage? ( 2 times )
14. How long he stayed when he came to visit and when ?
15. She asked me that your K1 visa was denied before?
( I said yes and then she asked your husband Applied for k1 visa or any other person ?? ( Yes , he is same person) .
16. When he applied for K1 visa?
17. When was your K1 visa interview?
18. What is your qualification?
19. What your husband do in free time?
20. Do you have tax returns of 2018 ?
( Tax transcripts was in different file that was with my husband. I called my husband to bring to me , then I give her and my husband was standing there and asked him if you are supporting your sister and her family ?
She asked him what’s his sister and her husband job ??
Then she smiled and said nice and told him to sit back .. after that she started typing again ..

Last she said wait for a second and she went at back and go for round😛 and then she came back and started typing and after 2-3 minutes she said magical words , congratulations your visa has been approved.. and gave me a 2 slips to pay GC fees .. and visa approved page..

I was worried for these 2 things things ;

1. My husband income for 2018 was 25K ( worked for 4 months bcz he was in india for 7 months).

2. My K1 visa was terminated in 2018 .


I was so much nervous .. My husband was with me that was
great help.

I was confident after i saw white lady.. 😆

I wish everyone good luck 👍

Mumbai, India
Review #27918 on February 3, 2020:


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Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Smooth Interview. No photos or other evidence asked.

Mumbai, India
Review #27831 on January 18, 2020:

Zohaib & Tasmih


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Review Topic: General Review

Arrived at Consulate by 6:30am. Interview was scheduled for 7:30am. Was allowed to enter by 6:50am

At the gate you need to have all the docs. They will tell you all the things you need. Passport and immigrant letter at gate. Once you get in, you have to have *passport, DS-260, interview letter, marriage certificate, birth certificate, PCC along with a copy of each*. Once you are all done, they give you a number (ex. G2) and thats your number. When that comes on screen, you have to go to the counter and they will collect all the docs along with originals and give you some legal rights papers. At that time, they asked me my mother's maiden name?
Have you visited any other country?
Have you applied for a Visa before?

Then he said “Ok wait for interview” and gave the paper with the legal rights of immigrant and green card fees instructions.

After like 20mins I got called up to another counter. Interviewer made me pledge I am telling the truth. Then fingerprints and asked the following questions:

Was it arranged or love?
Where did you go for your honeymoon?
How many time he came to India after marriage?
When? -in September
Where does your spouse/petitioner works? -answered
Role / job description of spouse? -explained (in detail)
Spouse education?
Where did he studied in India or US?
How long has he been in the US?
How did your spouse came to USA?
Do you have any photographs of September trips you had?

Then he gave a paper that said my visa is approved with big bright smile.

Whole process took about 1hr and reached hotel at 8.30am.

One big tip: have all the documents above at easy access with the original and copy together. This saves time.

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