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Madrid, Spain Review #28421 on August 3, 2020:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

We had a great experience with the US consulate of Madrid. Even before the date of the interview, they were prompt and helpful when we emailed them to ask to expedite our interview due to the concern of another lockdown (which they approved for us).

I got there with my wife 20 minutes earlier than the appointment time, and they let us both in, only asked for our passports. We went through security and then to a waiting room for around 5 min, the woman in the booth had us confirm some basic info (email, phone, delivery address, etc), asked for some originals (passport, birth, marriage certificate, courier delivery sign up, police clearance, etc), she kept those and asked us to wait in the same room for my name to be called.

After less than 10 minutes, we got called up to another booth (all within the same big room) and the interview happened there. The guy asked us if we were comfortable with having the interview in English and started writing after we confirmed that. After a bit of silence he started asking some questions:
- When did you meet?
- How did you meet?
- Where did your wife live at the time of meeting?
- How long was your wife in Madrid before you met? What was she doing here?
- Where did you get married? (it was in Charlotte, NC, so that prompted the following Qs)
- Were you living there at the time? (no just a trip)
- What was the purpose for that trip when you got married?
- Did you meet her parents for the first time at that trip? (No), So when?
- When did you start dating? Start living together? Get married?
- Do you have any photos of the two of you?
- Who's your joint sponsor?
- What do you plan to do for work in the US?
- Do you have any children?

All in all, we were approved in less than 40 minutes after entering the consulate.

Really straight-forward, clear, amicable people; and with this whole COVID situation happening, it seems that they've reduced the amount of people being processed/in the waiting room, so everything feels like is going waaaaay more smoothly

Jamaica Review #28420 on August 3, 2020:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

My husband’s interview appointment time was at 12:15 pm. We were on time. The interviewer asked my husband 5 questions:
1.) Have you ever been to the states 2.) Have you ever been in trouble 3.) How did you meet your wife 4.) When did you get married 5.) How many kids do you have

The interview then asked me:
1.) How many times have I been to Jamaica since meeting my husband 2.) How many kids do I have 3.) Asked for my 2019 Tax Transcripts

He said to my husband and I that, “ He was approved 🤗 pending his medical”!! Asked if, “ We had any questions” and that was it.

We weren’t asked about a Public Charge form or anything. We were done by 1:00pm 🤗🥰

This was on 07/01/2020. We arrived in the states on 07/12/2020

Bogota, Colombia Review #28419 on August 2, 2020:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

Case currently sitting in Admin Review.

Warsaw, Poland Review #28418 on August 1, 2020:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

Interview was quick and easy.

Philadelphia PA Review #28416 on July 29, 2020:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Arrived at 10:20 AM for our 10:45 AM interview appointment.
We immediately went through security and were directed to the second floor to wait for our names to be called.

At about 10:45 AM, IO Moore called us in. He was very friendly and made the interview feel more like a conversation than a rigid interview. At several points, he reassured us that it wasn't an antagonistic process or interview.

He first asked for my passport and my husband's driver's license. After that, we started going over the information in the I-485. Name, date and place of birth, social, parents' names, most of the yes/no questions, wedding date, my husband's name, etc.

After that, he asked us if we wanted to add any other documents to our file. We gave him the following:
* 2019 tax transcript,
* utility bills with both our names on it (gave 3 most recent each of PECO and PGW),
* proof of apartment insurance,
* proof of joint dental insurance,
* joint bank account statements (3 most recent each for savings and checking),
* most recent credit card statement showing purchases where I was an authorized user on my husband's credit card, and
* about 10 more recent photos.

He asked us about what was happening in 2 of them as we handed him the stack of photos.

Finally, he asked us about our timeline:
* how and when we met,
* when I moved down to Philly from NYC,
* when he followed a year after,
* when the proposal was (who proposed, how the proposal went),
* when we got married, and
* when we moved into our current place.

And that was it. We were done in about 20-25 mins. He told us that he was going to approve our case, and then walked us out the office.

15 mins after leaving, I got the text and email notice telling me that my case status had updated to New Card is Being Produced.


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