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Ireland Review #27327 on October 23, 2019:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Appointment was for 9:00am on October 15th. Arrived approx 40 mins early, and was told to come back in half an hour so I returned at 8:50am and went through the usual security procedures.

Dont bring laptops/ipads etc, there is no space to leave them. went through airport type security procedures, and put my phone and keys into the small locker and was given the key along with a visitor badge on a lanyard.

Entered the main building and was 3rd in line to meet the first officer to go through documents. This went very smoothly, They asked to see:

Marriage license/cert
My longform birth cert
My passport
My police certificate
Confirmation of my intended US address (this had changed since my application and he just changed it for me no problem)

I had 2 copies of everything along with lots of other documentation but they were not required. (I would still bring them as you never know when they might just happen to ask for it)

I was sitting back in the waiting area by 9:12am, and was called to the next window for interview at about 9:50am.

Interview was pleasant, general questions and nothing out of the ordinary and nothing to be worrying about. The Officer handed me back all of my original documents except but also had the dreaded 221(g) form requiring further information.

Basically my i864 was uploaded in 2 parts, and they asked for it to be reuploaded in 1 single PDF file, and he said they would keep my passport. I was asked to upload the document again, email them to notify them, then they would continue with the process.

I was back outside and a little disappointed by 10am.

I rushed home to find the CEAC site was down for "maintenance" so I had to wait a whole week for it to come back online.

Once the site came online after midnight on the 22nd, I uploaded the file and let the Embassy know so they would have it at the start of business when they arrived into the office. They confirmed receipt by 10am, the documents changed from "uploaded" to "accepted" by mid afternoon, and just now, approximately 24 hours later on the 23rd, my VISA tracker has changed from "Administrative processing" to
"Issued". javascript:emoticon('')

Overall a very easy experience in the embassy, and a very efficient processing of my info after the secondary uploading.

Memphis TN Review #27325 on October 23, 2019:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

This review is for the NASHVILLE Field Office. AOS (from K1) interview 10/21 at 7:00.

We were interviewed separately. I (immigrant) went in first at 7:30. The IO was polite and seemed familiar with our case details. She swore me in, took my photo and fingerprints. Right off the bat she said she was looking for evidence of co-mingling. She asked a few questions about the earlier part of my relationship with my husband: how we met, our first date, when/how I met my husband's family, how the proposal happened. Then we went over the I-485 together, noted my requested amendments and I signed the last page to confirm.

She asked more questions like:
What is your husband's mother's name? How many siblings does your husband have?
What car does your husband have?
What activities do you do together?
What shows do you watch?
What did you have for dinner last night? What's your breakfast?
What did your husband get you for your birthday?
What are you planning to do for your honeymoon?
Are you planning to have children?

For some of these answers I was able to show photo evidence. It felt more like an AMA than an interview since we were laughing at some of my answers. We went over some photos and afterwards I gave her the entire photoset. She asked if there were any other documents I'd like to add. I gave her ALL our copies of stuff she didn't already have on file: joint finances, joint health insurance, proofs of address, my husband's ID -- explaining each document as I went. She said to give her a month to make a decision and if there was a RFE (said it didn't seem likely) that they would mail us.

She called my husband in at 8:30 and I sat in the waiting area. At that point I realized they were separating almost everyone. 10 minutes later my husband came out and we left. He told me the questions she asked (=same ones I got) and that he could tell she was pretending to sound interested at his answers lol. She also told him to give her a month.

I don't know why they separated everyone but it didn't matter to us because we were honest in our answers and they matched. The IO seemed more focused on how we talked about our relationship than the papers. I can understand why since we didn't front load AOS (although we are K1). It was a positive experience overall.

Status changed to New Card Is Being Produced overnight (dated 10/21) so the IO must have approved after we left.

Kenya Review #27326 on October 23, 2019:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

The US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya was a very good experience. The interview was scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 8:00 am. I was advised to arrive at least 2 hours in advance, so I arrived at 6:00 am. You need the extra time to go through security, give your required documents to the secretary and select your preferred language for an interpreter.

For my fiance visa interview, I was asked the following questions by the consular officer:
1. How did you meet your fiance?
2. When did you meet your fiance?
3. How did you communicate with her?
4. Where is your fiance living?
5. How many times did you meet in person?

The consular officer was very nice, and the interview went smoothly. It almost felt like a conversation.

Bogota, Colombia Review #27324 on October 22, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

I was going to leave a thorough and detailed review. But our experience pretty much mirrored the review dated 10/21/19. There were only marginal differences. We arrived around 8:15am for an 8:30am appt. We did not wait to be called. We walked to the front and they allowed us to enter a little early. We also did not wait as long after actually entering the embassy onward to speaking with the person who verified all of our documents. That took maybe 15 minutes. The longest part was to be called for the actual interview, which took about 40 minutes. We were finally called up and asked the basic questions that everyone else has posted. The interviewer asked to speak to both the beneficiary and the petitioner. She was very professional throughout. She looked through our photo album but did not do anything with it. She returned it right after thumbing through the photos. Finally, she told my fiancee that the visa was approved. We were at the embassy for approximately 2-2.5 hours.

Good luck!

Oklahoma City OK Review #27323 on October 22, 2019:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Arrived for the interview and after waiting for an hour we were taken to the office to be interviewed, where we were then told that the officer was not able to interview us as they had not requested transfer of the underlying, pending petition. So the interview has been postponed and they have been unable to estimate when they will have the paperwork and be able to reschedule.


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