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Switzerland US Consulate Reviews
Average Rating: 4.5 / 5
35 Review(s)
Review #21775 on May 8, 2017:



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Review Topic: K1 Visa

There is not much information around about this embassy, and since I have found this forum very helpful throughout the whole process, here is my own review:
After we had finally gotten our NOA2, I tried to gather as much information as possible about the U.S. embassy in Bern. Yet, since Switzerland is comparatively small, finding anything beyond this forum was close to impossible. Luckily, a couple of really nice VJ members I contacted could give me a few hints.
As soon as we received our case number from the NVC, I contacted the embassy to make sure they had the correct email address for me. And once our paperwork reached the embassy, they got back in touch with me immediately by sending me packet 3 (instructions regarding medical, which documents to bring, i.e. I-134, police record, birth certificate, proof of ongoing relationship, unexpired passport, etc., and where to obtain some of them). There is a checklist in the following PDF:


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Review Topic: K1 Visa

The consulate is obviously Bern, Switzerland, but "Bern" wasn't in the option menu.

Entering the embassy was kind of funny, because I had to step outside to open the sealed enveloppe from my medical under the supervision of a security card. It was raining and I felt a bit silly. But everyone was very nice. Inside, I went into a room where a clerk took all my papers. She then asked me to wait for my interview with the consulate.
The interview was really more a quick conversation I had with a very friendly younger woman. She asked my what my fiancé does for a living and how many times we see eachother.
My visa got sent to me a few days later.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Review #18367 on November 17, 2015:


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Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Took slightly over 4-months to receive CR-1 from start to finish. Petitioner was residing abroad for 1-year so this automatically took us through the process very quickly.

Interview process was quick and easy.
NOTE: do not bring phone or electronics with you, they will send you on a separate line and let everybody else in before.

After checking my backpack I was told to wait in the Immigration room. 10 minutes later I was called and asked to provide the last original documents needed (birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport).

Waited 10 more minutes and another lady called me to her window. Sworn in front of her that all information is true, took fingerprints and I was asked a couples of questions:
- Where did you meet your wife
- When did you get married
- Do you like her parents
- Do they like you
- Why are you moving to the US now
- Where will you live
- Ever had problems w... read complete review

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