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  1. I checked with their online tool and they have no records for me. Thanks though. As for 31 years old, I did read about that in passing and will look into it more, thanks. Main concern currently is figuring out financial aid. It is up to the financial aid office, if they believe that me not registering was not intentional. Wish me luck!
  2. More specific question for anyone who went thru this: my college asks that I provide a letter from SSS stating if I was registered or not. The request form for that letter says, complete this form only if —insert list of requirements, the one I'm asking about is: "if you wish to make the case that you were exempt from registering". But I'm almost certain I was not exempt. But I do need that letter from them for my case with financial aid.
  3. I don't remember there being information about being required to sign up with Selective Service System in any step of my immigration process. The name is only slightly familiar but aparently it's a pretty big deal. I am 29 and now just learning, after trying to apply for financial aid for college, that I may be ineligible for that, or a US citizenship, having not signed up for SSS when I was required to. Little background, I am a permanent resident, thanks to my wife. I entered the US March of 2016, three months before my 26th birthday. This timeframe might help my case (SSS is for males 18-25) but I also was a legal permanent resident for two years before that, 2012-2014. (Why I had it twice is probably irrelevant to the discussion) Matter at hand is I now aparently have to try and prove I was unaware of the requirement. It is then up to the financial aid office(?) to make a decision. As for obtaining citizenship, I'm not sure anything can be done. Can there? That's my question. Has anyone encountered the same issue and done anything to remedy it? For being eligible for financial aid, and/or US citizenship? Thanks!
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