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    MrsP2010 got a reaction from Hamilton in Usps tracking number for green card   
    These are the dates and emails I got from my Case Status thingie...
    July 25: Green card approved
    July 31: Green card mailed
    July 31: Green card mailed and tracking number
    Aug 1: Green card delivered
    It was a USPS tracking number, and it said it was due for delivery tomorrow, but I have it sat in front of me now
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    MrsP2010 got a reaction from JayJayH in Removing Conditions - No divorce decree   
    My waiver filing happened in October 2013 (my divorce was fully finalized by then) and I didn't get approved until July 2014. It's entirely likely that the USCIS will receive your package, send you an NOA, then sit on it for months before actually checking if all the info is correct etc. I get the feeling that divorce waiver filings are not their top priority. It's entirely likely you'll have your divorce decree LONG before the RFE gets sent.
    Good luck with it, divorce is a rough road, but one well worth it for the future you deserve.
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    MrsP2010 got a reaction from sunshine16x in I-751 Waiver Filers Timeline   
    I feel like this thread is dead, but anyway, I went in for my interview yesterday morning and was approved. Yay! The lady was lovely, super nice and understanding, didn't put the heat on me about anything - it was more like a clerical meeting than an interview. Apparently there's still a background check that they forgot to do, but once that's cleared they'll be putting my order in for the 10 year GC. I'm happy I can move on with my life
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    MrsP2010 got a reaction from w1nsse in The Stupid RFE Thread   
    I wondered if I'd end up posting in here...
    My RFE - IV fee payment! I thought it had cleared when I sent out the package, but it hadn't. Now we're posting a money order.
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    MrsP2010 got a reaction from qwerty1974 in Request a change of date for interview   
    Dec 2 crew!
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    MrsP2010 got a reaction from sheeshkabelle in Patience is running out and this rollercoaster is the hardest yet   
    It's so hard for all of us. Whether it's a week, a month, 9 months like me or even years like those in AP and with ban waivers pending, each day is still a day without our best friend, which is why I think every single case on here deserves an update as much as the next.
    Just know in your heart that everyday you wait for each other is another reason why you are doing this. We're all so incredibly lucky to find people we are willing to do this for, and people who are willing to wait while we do this. I thank my lucky stars each day that I found an amazing lover, my best friend and someone I can trust beyond everything else, and to top it all he thinks I'm enough to wait through all of this for me to appear at the top of the airport stairs. Sometimes the amount of trust I've been given bowls me over, and this is what keeps me going.
    Also, I see friends in stale relationships, clearly not in love, arguing all the time and I think thank god I only have to go though a bit of waiting and then I skip the rubbish relationship part where we take each other for granted. I think we're all incredibly lucky to be going through this hell!
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    MrsP2010 got a reaction from Alke in Dear USCIS   
    USCIS were fabulous to me
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