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    We met online in May 2008. In July 2010 we met in person when I went to visit him in London (he's South African, living in the UK on a work visa). We fell in love instantly!!

    Initially the plan was to marry and move me to London. We found out 5 days before the ceremony that we would have to marry in South Africa for me to become a dependent on his UK visa. So we opted to have him come this way (easier, faster and cheaper).

    So now we are just waiting! We do get to see each other at least every month or so. He spent the entire month of September here with me (he was able to telecommute), and that was nice because we got to live together for a month. I spent the holidays in London, and next month (February) we are meeting up in SA (I finally get to meet the future in-laws!).

    I know we are lucky to at least visit each other ever so often (he also has a US business visa so he can visit me when he wants - and he has even made a last minute weekend trip to see me!). And we Skype every day. But maaaaaan we cannot stand this distance, this wait, I'm sure anyone reading this knows exactly what I mean. Mid-June (my guess based on the timelines here for approval) cannot come soon enough...

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  1. Hey girl! re: police clearance in Klerksdorp...do they for CERTAIN get him his police clearance in 4-days? We found another route, but that still takes 12 business days. :(

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