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    My only interest is to have my Fiance here by my side.

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    K-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    Dominican Republic
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    Well our story is simple....We met 11 years ago when I was 15...I went back home to Dom. Rep. to visit fam when we became friends....9 years went by of a nice friendship with alot of stares and flirtation....we never had the courage to say or confess our feelings...2+ years ago I took a trip back home and after lots of drinking we suddenly felt the courage to confess all that love we had bottled up inside for so many years...we've been together 2 years and 3 months and we cherish every moment we share together..not a day has passed that we have not spoken on the phone at least 3 times....we r very much in love and ready to start a family as soon as he gets here. I'm his Queen and he is my King and together we will overcome everything including the time it takes to finally be together...

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  1. hahahaha that's true! lol im going to get mine in the next two weeks...dont got time for spirit and their crazy baggage fees lol but its either them or jet blue. you gonna be there while im there...we gotta have a drink! lol

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