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    tariq_mehvish reacted to Patient Lover in Interview experience in islamabad F2A   
    Kanchi....Its ok Buddy..I am sorry too...I was a bit too stressed...anyway hope and pray ur wife gets the passport soon and u are reunited inshaAllah.
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    tariq_mehvish reacted to Kanchi110 in Interview experience in islamabad F2A   
    Oh thanx jaani don't stressed it's nothing and God is gr8 every thing will be fine inshaAllah soon we all will see our's love ones Allah ke Karam
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    tariq_mehvish reacted to hokuspokus in U.S Embassy Islamabad??   
    I am filing joint tax in US for me and my wife. her immigration status is almost complete. we are in last stages since i submitted the DS230 form 2 weeks ago. She is not here but im filing her as a resident using form W-7.
    Here is my question. IRS has requested a biographic page certified passport copy. it has to be certified by either hague convention countries (pakistan is already excluded) or United states notary public.
    does anybody know if the Islamabad US embassy does notary of documents/passport?
    it also say says that foreign notaries are acceptable if they attach an "Apostille" to the notarized document. Does anybody know what that is?
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