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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from Aya820 in K-1 Visa I-129F Rejected - Need Help!   
    When you are ready to send in the new I-129f you can always post a new topic here and give us a list of documents you are including and we can let you know if it looks good or if you are missing anything. Good luck.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to batallion9 in WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH VSC?   
    California service center had earlier stopped doing I-129f. They switched almost all staff to DACA. The filers who were stuck ay CSC started a massive write in campaign. Soon afterwards, CSC transferred some of their DACA to VSC and proceeded to crank out the I-129s again. They went into hyperdrive. Now why did this happen? Because one person complained???? No Because a lot got involved. If the Ombudsman gets one complaint, then it is not a problem. He gets 40 complaints in one day, there may be something to look at. VSC director gets called by 40 people from congressional districts in a week - He may have a change of mind. There is power in numbers.
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from del-2-5-2014 in Petition Approved This Morning   
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Lex Specialis in Fiance' was cheating while PREGNANT   
    Buddy first of all I am sorry. Second of all, I will tell you something you will NOT believe - you are actually lucky for a number of reasons, hard as it is to believe. # 1) There are many women who are much smarter than your ex because they would have made false allegations to the Police, not just to the CIS or a non profit, to substantiate their VAWA self petition better and the cops would have come and arrested you on her say so. The fact that you didn't go through that is a MAJOR plus for you. Believe me, it happens every day. Secondly, you have custody of your child... as a father... in America. Another big plus.
    So now for the bad news. I know you want to get back at this woman for using you. Unfortunately, no one in our immigration system cares enough not to let this woman in, and the law is written to help her not you. Even if they put her in removal proceedings, she will just tell her weepy false story about what a monster you are to the Immigration Judge, who may or may not believe it, and even if the judge doesn't, it will be YEARS before she is removed. Chances are she will find another guy to marry her in the meantime and she will try to stay on the ground that your child, who is a US citizen, needs his mom and she should not be removed. As you have discovered, the system is designed to help her against all real and fictitious abusers and not you from being slandered as a wife beater or to be taken advantage of.
    If I were you, and then again I am not so you have to choose for yourself, but I would do two things. I would let this go because you need to be a single dad which is challenging enough and you need to press the reset button on all this baggage this sociopath of a woman has caused you. She clearly never loved you and I am sure she was telling the other guy God knows what, maybe that your baby is his, or that she will sponsor him as soon as she has US citizenship, that she is suffering you just so they can be together in America. And chances are 100% of that was BS. If you are not a sociopath, you can't beat her at her own game, and you will go insane trying. Secondly, if you are the custodial parent, I would hit her with a child support order. It's good for your kid, and it is a measure of revenge. if she falls behind on payments and the CIS or the IJ actually look into this case, it will go some way to show that she is not the poor little abused victim if you have custody of the child and she is not living up to her parental responsibility. But beyond that, I would let it go. You should thank God, your lucky stars, or whatever Supreme Being you believe in, that you were taught a lesson to be more skeptical of people's motives without seeing the inside of a jail cell (I can't emphasize how real of a possibility this was for you, especially given her complete lack of a moral center. Good thing for you she is not smarter), that your child is with you, and that you can live life without her. Worrying ever day if your wife is sending naked pictures to some other guy on a daily basis is not the kind of emotional abuse anyone deserves to live under. I hope this helps.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to VanessaTony in I only sent the actual I-129f form   
    I know several people that successfully sent the documents that were missing, together with a copy of their NOA1 and they had their petition approved. I also know of people that did NOT send evidence and were denied after months of waiting.
    If money is a problem (this process isn't cheap) I would send the missing stuff with a copy of the NOA1. It still may be denied but at least you didn't waste the money first petition and at least you tried. If money isn't a problem then cancel the current one and refile. Personally I'd go with option one because I've seen it succeed several times.
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from Brit Abroad in Green Card has the wrong date   
    Greencards are not back dated to the date they received the application. They are dated from when they are approved.
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from VanessaTony in Green Card has the wrong date   
    Greencards are not back dated to the date they received the application. They are dated from when they are approved.
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from Nich-Nick in How to get Advance Parole I-131 Expedited   
    If you need the emergancy AP you would need to send in the documents for adjustment of status and wait until you get the NOA1's on those documents you sent then make an info pass with your nearest field office and then go there and request for an emergancy AP and bring along 2 passport photo pics 2x2. If you have not filed yet for adjustment of status and I would send that in as soon as you can because you need to wait until the NOA1's come in the mail. Good luck.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Darnell in Proposal Ideas   
    I say have a parasailer drop in, deliver a message to your lass, along with the ring.
    Bonus points if you are with her.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Darnell in Biggest Mistake of My Life?   
    Can you ask for a refund, from your couples-friends? They seem to have given you really bad advice.
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from VanessaTony in How long to verify social security number?   
    The company called her back today and said for her to come next Tuesday for Orientation.
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from Caryh in November 2011 AOS FIlers   
    Congratulations! I have been wondering when you were going to be approved. Can we send in the paperwork 1 year and 9 months after receiving the temporoary greencard to remove conditions or do we have to wait exactly 2 years?
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from Caryh in November 2011 AOS FIlers   
    I just got the email and text that Pui's card is in production! After I read Prettysunshine's post from ealier today I looked online and was still in Initial Review. Now when I look it is in Production!
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    Andy and Pui reacted to LIFE'SJOURNEY in AOS package refused   
    Do not fax them to NVC, have them faxed or mailed to YOU.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to GandK in Didn't submit a letter of intent   
    It's kinda funny, I have only read about negative experience from people who use an attorney for K-1.
    You still have to fill out the forms and gather the evidences yourself anyway, so why pay 5000$ for a glorified secretary to mail the packet for you.
    You should get your money back tbh.
    Oh and don't worry too much, even if you get RFE, it will probably set you back 2-3 weeks only
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Gary and Alla in Wife Filed tax 2011 as Single, is there impact on Visa issuance   
    This is what happens when you ask Tax people about immigration issues. You CAN file married and you do NOT need an SSN to do it. BUT you cannot file electronically this way, you have to file a paper return. For your SSN write "pending" and attach a copy of the NOA1 for the CR-1
    You will have to "prove your relationship" for the visa interview and part of that is the most recent tax return which shows your wife filing as single...hmmmm.
    Fix it. Do not ask tax people for immigration advice. IRS is not USCIS.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Penguin_ie in Compilation of Interview Questions   
    Your fiance can choose. If her English isn't good, she should be prepared to explain how you two communicate (ie do you speak Thai, do you use a friend to translate etc).
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from Nicoco in Thailand Thread   
    Ni-ing, Ice will do good. Good luck!
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from Inky in Change of Plan?   
    I am curious about something. Since they already did an info pass and asked about AOS, could the officer they talked to put that in the wife's file. When they come to enter the US again at POE could the officer then see that AOS was asked about at an info pass in the past?
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    Andy and Pui reacted to VanessaTony in Change of Plan?   
    It's not "to some degree dishonest", it is ILLEGAL to enter with intent to adjust on a visa that doesn't have dual intent. The fact that they don't ask about intent in the interview is irrelevant (it cannot be used as the only factor for denial but it can be included).
    You seem convinced this is the route you're going to take so just do it. Don't come crying here though if she's denied for material misrep and given a lifetime ban. That is the risk you're taking. It may be a very small risk but even the smallest of risks would be enough for me not to try it because being with my husband the proper, legal, and risk-free way, is more important that saving a little money and time, obviously the same can't be said about you.
    I should also mention it's people like you, breaking the rules (entering with intent), who cause countries have their VWP privileges revoked and I'm sure the door will eventually shut on AOSing from anything but a visa that allows it because people like you think you're above the law. AOSing from a B2 isn't illegal, entering with intent is and that's what you're doing.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to VanessaTony in Change of Plan?   
    Because it is ILLEGAL to enter the US with immigrant intent, which you would be doing. If you were already in the US you could AOS (providing you didn't have immigrant intent). If you're willing to risk your "loved one's" status just to save a little time and money have at it.
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from Mhayonaise in Petition returned to USCIS   
    I am so sorry you are going through this. I thought I heard about that accident on the news here. Hopefully the two of you can get some good news soon.
    Al and Patricia, I just wanted to say I have been in two car accidents in one day but nothing like what happened to the OP's fiance. I had no broken bones or anything and I did not spend any time in the hospital. For almost two years my back and neck hurt everyday along with headaches everyday. My job at the time required me to move 50 pound bags around daily and I was in a lot of pain at the time. Not long after that I found a new job where I did not have to lift as much. I just remember I could lift the 50 pound bags but I was in a lot of pain.
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from sofya in ; I am soooo pissed off!!   
    Channah&Aaron, what I would do is print the rules that people have posted about social security and being allowed to change your name and highlight what you need to prove your point. March right back to the office you were at before and hope you get the same lady from the last few times. If she give you any lip ask for her supervisor. If you go back make sure to get her name or badge number so you can email social security and file a complaint against her and ask that office receive more training. Good luck!
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    Andy and Pui got a reaction from missicy in Social Security Number   
    Actually for a k-1 visa holder you can get your social security card any time before your I-94 expires even if you are married. It does not matter what state you live in you can get it before your I-94 expires. Just not all people who work at the social security office know all the rules.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to max+patricia in Evidence of financial support   
    Most embassies differ with what they want. If you're worried about it, I'd email and ask. Some require your most recent year tax transcript - or your most recent year tax return (complete with W-2s) - and some might want to see more.
    Even if you're only asked for 1 year, bringing more would probably be seen as making a stronger case for support. I'd bring 3 years regardless of what they ask, especially since getting tax transcripts for those years is free and simple to go about ordering.
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