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    kayaking, camping, hiking,...looking forward to my life together so my love and I can do these together

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    Hello Everyone,

    Firstly THANK YOU to the creators of this site, how wonderful this was created to help and assist those like ourselves with going through the "process"

    Congratulations to all those who have succeeded in getting through the process and are now together.

    And good luck to all of the others , like ourselves, waiting to be approved so we can too, start our life together.

    My love totally shocked me while he was visiting me in Canada with a proposal of marriage on the " Maid of the Mist", hence the wonderful smurf-blue poncho's. I believe our smiles tell our story.....so much more to add in our book of life......

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  1. had Medical today...need to go back and redo blood tests as reports were condradictory..arghhh Public health screwed up...

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    2. ralyse


      Toronto, hopefully it all goes well. I'm worried about my vaccination documentation.

    3. NinoniAndBoosBoos


      My situation was such a frustrating one: Public Health had written on one of the reports, to reject the previous report which stated I was was positive for chickenpox, meaning I am immune to it, but that confused the Dr. was I or wasn't I because Publice Health had written such a remark, so I had to go to my dr. get a requestions to go to a lab, redo the test and now I am still waiting on Public Health to send the results..oh and a verbal saying I had mumps is not suffienienct he wanted ...

    4. ralyse


      My worry is that all I have is a blood test for MMR immunity and proof of my last tetanus shot. My doctor's kind of a huge jerk and when I gave him the P4 stuff he just insisted it was enough. I called Peel Public Health but they don't have records from when I was younger so I'm just going to go and hope its enough. If it isn't, I'll find out *exactly* what I need and lay into my doctor about it, I guess.

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