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  1. My dad had a green card and he hasn't entered the US in 6 years since mid 2014. He had his mom pass away in early 2015 after being sick and his dad also pass away in 2027 also after being sick. He was taking care of them and he couldn't travel to the US. After that he also had other as important family events until early 2020. My question is: Is it worth it for him to try and re-enter the US or not even bother after 6 years? did he for sure lost his residency? He can have proof of all the events that kept him from traveling (doctor testimonies, death certificates,and so on...). I appreciate any help.
  2. I found this online "due to the cap on the number of F4 visas available each year, the applicants cannot start their application process until their priority date is current. What this means is that you can only apply for the F4 visa when it is your turn in the chronological order of all applications for F4 visas." Does this mean I will get a letter with a priority date and then we file F4 for her husband and son? or I should inform USCIS ASAP that her martial status changed?
  3. I am a US citizen and I petitioned for my sister many years ago to become a US resident. (I believe I filed I-130). At the time she was single with no kids. Now my sister is married with a child. I expect her to get her call from the embassy soon for a green card interview. Does her status as a green card holder allow her current husband and 2 year old son to become residents as well?
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