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    JeWcHee got a reaction from Justin and Kate in USEM MANILA INTERVIEW APPROVED!   
    My fiance's visa interview at the USEM Manila Embassy today was a success. I am happy to announce that her K1 Visa is on the way! She was APPROVED! PRAYERS PEOPLE and HAVE FAITH! Believe! Thank you all for all the very vital information that I got here! VISAJOURNEY ROCKS!
    Any suggestions for the cheapest one way airfare?
    What about the CFO seminar, should we wait for the visa before proceeding?
    Thanks again Peeps!
    From Weng and Jet
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    JeWcHee got a reaction from Tahoma in bringing USC fiance' to CFO seminar   
    Very well said man!
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    JeWcHee got a reaction from raldetta in Post a picture of your I-129 packet!   
    Hello....here is the replica of my k1-application. I used prong fasteners and a 3 partition folder to hold the documents plus bought a special letterhead paper to hold my photos. Total pages - 40

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