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    met online, fell in love after talking to each other hundreds of hours:D, weeks and months:p I visted him in AUG he ask me to marry him two weeks later and October 21st he made me the happiest girl in the world by becoming my husband:)and i know that no matter how this process turns out we will be together, whether here in states or there...true love has no happy ending because true love has no ending...good luck to all on here....

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  1. why do k1 visa's get approved faster than cr-1 visas? confused and why is csc on feb when they haven't finished nov or dec ppl yet...

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    2. marjus's girl

      marjus's girl

      yeah i know and the snail mail is taking forever for me to get my stuff from marjus i swear im about to send it without his school records..im crying more and more and am miserable..i got letter today telling me they're resending my rfe and would take 14 days to get what a joke..i have it already (thank God)the rep messed up and said was sent 9th instead of 18 so he thought lost in mail and put in request to send again..14 days to re mail something..:(

    3. Dumb/Dumber


      I think some think we are not being patient, but I think 6 1/2 months plus is more than patient. Life is too short to be going through this. And we have no idea what the outcome will be after all this waiting because we have lost faith in the process. But we have not lost our faith in God. We have not lost our faith in our relationship and we are stronger than we think we are. We can do this. Hang in there. I am so proud of you for getting your Congressman to get the ball rolling for y...

    4. marjus's girl

      marjus's girl

      thanks hun..you have been great support and your right i haven't lost faith in God or my love..i think it is the unknown that has got me down..have u contacted your congressman?

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