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    met online, fell in love after talking to each other hundreds of hours:D, weeks and months:p I visted him in AUG he ask me to marry him two weeks later and October 21st he made me the happiest girl in the world by becoming my husband:)and i know that no matter how this process turns out we will be together, whether here in states or there...true love has no happy ending because true love has no ending...good luck to all on here....

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  1. husband got everything we needed and mailing out ...will have rfe mailed out faster than i thought..:)

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    2. marjus's girl

      marjus's girl

      yep probably no later than next monday..whoo hoo..and whats funny is after doing all of this glad for rfe because i know in my heart i have done everything humanly possible, my sister said she couldn't show this much proof in her 12 yr marriage..lol

    3. Dumb/Dumber


      I know. After I read about your RFE, I printed out so much more stuff. It was like a book. And I think that is all we can do do is do everything humanly possible to get them here to America where we can have a better life together. If we fail, then we have no regrets. We go to Plan B.

    4. marjus's girl

      marjus's girl

      yeah if he gets denied im moving there ..like i said mom was the only reason we didn't go that route now..

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