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    Her name is Yuliya. She is Russian but her and her family live in Kazakhstan. I feel like the luckiest person alive to say that she actually found me while on a traveling visa to the US. She was living in Alaska and decided to see Las Vegas. Upon deciding to do so she did a quick Facebook search for compatible friends in the area she would be living and she came across my profile. Initially after receiving her friend request i was a bit skeptical after receiving random friend requests from time to time from spam bots. A pretty Russian girl is visiting Las Vegas is interested in me? Yeah right... After a bit of thought i decided to accept her friend request and message her back. Then she responded.. Hmm.. so she's real... After talking and getting to know each other more as time went on we started forming a relationship and soon fell in love. She finally came to visit me in Las Vegas a month after meeting on the internet and to my indescribable delight i found that she every wonderful detail she used to describe herself was real. She is so much more than I ever knew I wanted. Her time with me was the best, most satisfying, the most fulfilling,. and the happiest time of my life. I knew i was in love with her, and she with me, but then her visa expired. Although we knew that we were perfect for each other and agreed that we were interested in marriage we decided that getting married so soon could doom our relationship. So a month before her Visa expired she traveled back to her family in Kazakhstan. That was almost a year ago. We have been talking every day via Skype or e-mail since and are now working on gathering the documents needed for the k-1 visa. Although our time apart has been the most difficult thing either of us have had to endure; sleepless nights, stressful thoughts, itching fingers, the fact that we will once again be together makes any wait worth while. When you find your "one true love" Your time apart really doesn't matter. Even while we are on opposite sides of the planet we still feel our love for each other grow every day. So even as i struggle with the pain of not having her hand in mine every night as we fall asleep, i still feel like the luckiest man alive to say that she loves me, and I love her. We will be together again to live out the rest of our lives side by side.

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  1. Congrats with Approval =) lucky you!!!

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