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    Vinko and I met through a mutual friend on Facebook who had lived in Chile for a while on a fellowship. She made the recommendation because I was showing interest in my Croatian roots and Vinko is 1/2 Croatian, 1/2 Chilean. I immediately thought it was the most unusual combination and a perfect person to meet, given I also speak fluent Spanish. Turns out, Croatian-Chileans are pretty damn common...lots of immigration to not only the States, but to South America. Of course we became instant friends. I was ending a seven year marriage when I noticed VInko becoming closer...so I followed the lead...which led to my visiting him on the week of my 40th birthday (New Year's). Of course, it was fabulous!! We made plans for VInko to come here to visit, but Vinko could not obtain a tourist visa. I decided to go there for two months, knowing that as a result of immigration/visitation issues, I would have to make big decisions. We spent 24/7 together and every moment together was special. Came home to rebuild life in May 2010, and applied for I-129F in July. Vinko got his visa in March 2011 and we married in June 2011. Our AOS was approved in December 2011, and the removal of the conditions took place in December 2013. We've been busy since making life here in the States, working and raising my two children, and taking trips to Chile now and then. Hopefully we will also make a trip to Croatia in the future.

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  1. Exciting!!!! Petition left NVC 2/1/11 and was picked up in Santiago today!!! Thanks Patty for the info about tracking to the Embassy!

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    2. Aztec&Taino


      Thank you for the information. In fact, I was just checking into the DHL tracking system late last night and saw that my packet was delivered on Friday. How do you know for sure if it is your packet though? It is too bad that the visa specialist is not available on the weekend, I want official confirmation of receipt! I am excited :-) !

    3. Lisa & Vinko

      Lisa & Vinko

      You can call the Dept. of State and they will be able to tell you...

    4. Aztec&Taino


      I will be calling the visa specialist at the Department of State tomorrow, that's for sure! :-)