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    little immigrant reacted to Pinkrlion in Is it possible to withdraw a pending adjustment of status for K1?   
    If you want to withdraw the I-864, you are on a short timeline.  Do not wait until after he is approved and then say you want to separate and divorce, because you will still on the hook for his sponsorship.  
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    little immigrant reacted to Lil bear in Became citizen 8/1, need to go home 8/18, no US passport   
    Do not leave without the us passport. As Family posted .. emergency appts are available at passport offices .. not where you usually apply like the PO… you  must call 10 business days before your travel booking, have your international flight record locator in hand, and appear in person at the passport office   Info is on the passport website 
    urgent passport service 
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    little immigrant reacted to Crazy Cat in Became citizen 8/1, need to go home 8/18, no US passport   
    Dual Nationality (state.gov)

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    little immigrant reacted to Villanelle in HELP. Joint I-751 approved 2mos AFTER divorce was finalized   
    Have your attorney immediately contact the local office and or service center to advise of the situation. Ideally USCIS can rescind the approval and process it correctly as a waiver petition. The longer it is the harder it will be, so this needs to be done yesterday. 
    You absolutely need to resolve this now, you will not be able to naturalize because your conditions were removed incorrectly.
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    little immigrant reacted to Boiler in Immigration consultant   
    Everybody who comments on here is a consultant, we however do not charge.
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    little immigrant reacted to Pinkrlion in withdraw I-751   
    You can report this to USCIS.  A crime of CIMT committed within 5 years after admission is deportable.  You know his case number, write a letter to USCIS with a copy of the letter from CPS, and mail it to them - Express Mail
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    little immigrant reacted to Villanelle in Worried and scared... Abusive spouse threatening to call USCIS   
    There are many threads I can point you to if needed.  Filing a fraud complaint is incredibly difficult, even for those who are legitimate victims of fraud. USCIS is well aware of 'bitter ex spouse syndrome'. They don't even pretend to entertain it. But lets say some how he comes up with an incredible story (and it has to be more than just my spouse left me, we're talking hard evidences of criminal behavior). They will investigate. Thoroughly.  A case would have to be presented to an immigration judge. The process with the court would take years. You would have numerous opportunities to defend yourself.  
    He should be more scared of you actually. You are entitled to sue him based on the 864 he signed. He would be ordered to pay you apx 1k per month to keep you above the poverty guidelines perhaps indefinitely if you don't become a citizen. 
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    little immigrant reacted to oat12 in Worried and scared... Abusive spouse threatening to call USCIS   
    I do want to live here. I have friends here and developed a connection to this country through my constant visits to see my husband. I don't want him to have the ability to control whether or not I live here.
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    little immigrant reacted to LarryHickman in Now what? Wife passed naturalization but 'decision cant be made'!!   
    I’m happy to report my wife is being sent a ceremony date, when I’m not sure yet but this process is finally over, Thank the Lord!!!
    VJ buds thanks for all your help all these years and good luck to you in your journeys 
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    little immigrant reacted to jsean in N-400 October 2021 Filers   
    I had my interview on Friday, 07/22/2022 and I passed. Arrived on time and was called in 5 minutes upon arrival. The officer was very friendly and nice. She started with the English reading and writing test, passed, and finally the civics test. I got the first 6 questions correct and then she moved on to the ‘have you ever’ questions. The 6 civics questions asked were:
    1) who is the father of our country 
    2) name the war fought between the north and the south in the 1800s 
    3) how many representatives are there in the house
    4) who is your representative now
    5) name one state that borders mexico 
    6) why does the flag have 13 stripes 
    After the interview she handed me the approval paper and informed me to expect the oath ceremony paper in the mail. At the beginning of th interview she checked my application date and did make sure that I didn’t apply too early. Total interview time took about 15 minutes in total. 
    Case updated online to, oath ceremony will be scheduled. 
    Applied: 2/17/2022
    Interview scheduled: 6/6/2022
    Interview: 7/22/2022. 
    Based on 5 years residency. 

    Congratulations to us all! 
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    little immigrant reacted to Boiler in Can my spouse cancel my green card and deport me   
    And has I 864 obligations
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    little immigrant reacted to SusieQQQ in Can my spouse cancel my green card and deport me   
    No, no, no, no.  
    You have a ten year green card? Divorce him and move on with your life, wherever you want to be. After you’ve had your green card 5 years you can file for citizenship without needing to be married.
    And this needs to be somewhere in the top 3.
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    little immigrant got a reaction from SusieQQQ in Can my spouse cancel my green card and deport me   
    My ex tried it unsuccessfully 
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    little immigrant got a reaction from Yoyo123 in Can my spouse cancel my green card and deport me   
    My ex tried it unsuccessfully 
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    little immigrant reacted to Andel79 in Dear USCIS (NBC),   
    Could you please take my application and do something with it? It has been sitting on someone’s desk for over 6 months now, I would appreciate some movement on it.
    Your effort is highly appreciated,
    one impatient alien
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    little immigrant reacted to arken in You can work and Pay tax without EAD   
    No such official thing.
    IRS simply says if you have an income you pay tax. It does not say nowhere you can work illegally.
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    little immigrant reacted to powerpuff in You can work and Pay tax without EAD   
    ~~ Topic moved from AOS K1 to Working & Traveling during US immigration where EAD matters are discussed ~~
    Fist step: Your friend should report the attorney to the state bar for blatantly ignoring and encouraging  clients to break the law. Second step: they should get another competent attorney asap
    To answer you questions, no she cannot work without an EAD. That is illegal 
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    little immigrant reacted to mushroomspore in Can my spouse cancel my green card and deport me   
    I'm telling you, this is why we need a big updated FAQ page.
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    little immigrant reacted to Scandi in How do I file a complaint about NVC   
    This is the letter OP is talking about, I wouldn't call it a "welcome letter" either. Far from everyone receives this letter, and it's not important. 
    And as OP can clearly see in this photo, the next step is to learn how to apply for the actual visa once the embassy has received the approved petition. The next step is NOT to upload anything on NVCs site. You have ZERO contact or communication with NVC other than to call and get your case number (very different from a USCIS receipt number) if you don't get this letter. That's all, all you need from NVC is the case number, nothing else. So stop harrassing them, they already gave you the number. 

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    little immigrant reacted to SusieQQQ in How do I file a complaint about NVC   
    The issue here is that all the stuff you are posting above is for immigrant visas. An immigrant visa is something that gives you green card holder status the minute the visa is stamped on entry. Therefore, despite the fact that K1 might feel like an immigrant visa because of your intent, a K1 is actually technically a non immigrant visa, and none of the immigrant visa process linked above applies to it.
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    little immigrant reacted to African Zealot in How do I file a complaint about NVC   
    To the OP when everyone is telling you that you’re mistaken (particularly on a forum of people with experience), no matter how much you believe you’re right step back and look at everything afresh and consider what they’re saying. You might find out you were actually in the wrong.
    Good luck. 
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    little immigrant reacted to NikoTaino in How do I file a complaint about NVC   
    Where does it say you need to upload documents to the NVC? It clearly says The NVC forwards the approved Form I-129F to the U.S. Embassy or consulate where your fiancé(e) will apply for a K-1 nonimmigrant visa. This is generally the U.S. Embassy or consulate where your fiancé(e) lives.
    Here you can see the documents you have to BRING TO THE VISA INTERVIEW, not to upload them to the CEAC: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/family-immigration/nonimmigrant-visa-for-a-fiance-k-1.html
    Other members have tried to help you and give you the information you need, but for some reason, that hasn't worked for you. If you see 3+ members telling you you're wrong, then take a moment and check yourself.
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    little immigrant got a reaction from ROK2USA in MIL and issues with diabetes medicine   
    And he didn't do it? When I came to the US I brought 3 months worth of everything I was taking. TSA was really cool about it. I brought prefilled syringes and carried them on and they said "no worries you need it" 
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    little immigrant reacted to FlyingGreen in Don't try to lie/conceal any information - They know everything!   
    I went to my interview this morning. I'm amazed and surprised by all the little things they know about me.
    My interview went a lot longer (close to an hour) because they found some discrepancies in my application. I also had travelled to more than 20+ countries in the past 5 years and the officer had to go through the entire list 1 by 1...calculated the days and made sure I didn't break the continuous presence requirement.
    1. I was in a religious group. Back in 2016 when I filed for my I-485, I did not include my church in the question related to "member of a group/club/society etc.", but somehow I include it in my N-400 (This question is Part 12, question 9 in N-400). I told the officer it was an honest mistake, I could tell he wasn't quite happy about it and he put a note in my application saying "it was a misunderstanding".
    2. He knew ALL of my past phone numbers!
    3. He asked me a bunch of questions related to Selective Service and why I didn't register for it. I said because I was a non-immigrant before I was 26, and became a PR after 26. I did not bring any old visas/I-94 but luckily he has all of the information in the system.
    4. Even before I said anything, he is like - ok, I see that you have a few international travels since you filed for your N-400, I will have to update your travel history.
    5. The travel history is based on your past 5 years - not since you became a Permanent Resident. I got my GC back in December 2016, and I did early filing for my N-400 (in October 2021), the officer found out that I had an international trip back in November 2016 that I did not include in my N-400, again, I told him it was an honest mistake.
    6. Also related to travel history - the officer told me not to include any long layover (less than 24 hours) in any countries. He went through the entire list again and remove those "day trip" 1 by 1.
    Ultimately, I passed the interview and my application has been recommended for approval. My status changed to "Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled" as soon as I walked outside of the building.
    Bottom line - don't even try to conceal any information. It is actually quite scary how much they know about you.
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    little immigrant reacted to BayBearea-deleted in my dramatic long story after naturalization   
    Hi y'all,
    First post here, just want to share my story.
    So I changed my name in county court just 2 days before the citizenship interview / Oath ceremony, because my field office is San Francisco office, which holds administrative oath ceremony, which does NOT allow legal name change. I feel lucky getting that court hearing date because the initial court hearing date was way after my citizenship interview date (like 2 months after), but the clerk in the courthouse was so kind that after some call, she told me that my hearing date has been change to Friday (5 weeks after the filing date, merely enough for posting ad on newspaper), just right before my Monday citizenship interview in the city! (I would like to sincerely thank that kind lady)
    The court hearing and citizenship interview went super smooth. I even got the same day oath ceremony, and the Certificate of Naturalization with my new name on it. That's a big Yay!
    So the next day, I went to Social Security office to request the update of my status (name change, citizenship), and Post Office to submit expedited passport application. But the nightmare just began. (Probably I should have waited 10 days after the ceremony to do these)
    Two weeks after the SSA request, I went to DMV to get a new DL. But there the gentleman at the counter told me he could not verify my information thru SSA.He also told me that it usually takes only a few hours or at most 2 days for SSA to update my info. The DMV system and SSA system are connected so DMV can instantly verify one's info thru SSA. (Im not sure if I heard this wrong, maybe he meant SAVE system in USCIS) So there must be something wrong with my case in SSA.
    I then have been to SSA for couple times for my case updates, every time the SSA officer just told me my case is being reviewed by USCIS, and they can do nothing but just let me wait. 
    Meanwhile, I got a letter from Houston Passport Agency telling me that I "wrote my SSN incorrectly". I'm sure my SSN was correct on the passport application form. So it looks like the passport agency was also trying to verify my info with my SSN thru SSA but failed. EVERYTHING JUST GOT STUCK because USCIS would not confirm my case!!
    On myE-verify website, I tried to start a case to verify my employment eligibility. The system automatically closed the first 2 cases I started with my old and new name, not sure if that means anything. Then on the 3rd case, the system realized something's wrong and finally gave me a "Tentative Nonconfirmation" to let me choose if I want to solve it by visiting SSA. So I decided to call USCIS, of course their phone system is so notorious that I was never able to speak to a human unless I would make an infopass appointment. So I found the myE-verify phone number under USCIS website, called and explained my situation to the rep. To no surprise, I was told to contact USCIS directly because the myE-verify and USCIS are in different departments. What a bummer! (I mean the USCIS system, not the rep!)
    I did everything I could to get my SSA case resolved but they all failed. I was expecting my passport before Queen's Jubilee so that I could go to UK with my hubby for the parade. I couldn't even make an emergency passport appointment because then they still could not verify my SSN. Big disappointment. 
    Then I registered the mySocialSecurity on SSA website with my old name, it passed the system check. I logined everyday to check my profile and saw my old name. Sigh. The SSA officer was right, the only thing I can do is wait.
    One day (like 7 weeks after the status update requested in SSA) I log in to SSA website to check my account as usual. Suddenly I saw my new name reflected in mySS account!! I realized this could mean my case in their system might have cleared. I rushed to DMV next day, you know what? BAM!!!! They just went thru the SSN check, and my name change of drivers license was instantly approved!! Then I went to SSA and handed the myE-verify Tentative Nonconfirmation letter to them. They told me my case to update name and citizenship has been cleared, and they as well cleared the USCIS myE-verify Self Check case with a letter saying "Numident record updated. SSA action complete."(No idea what it exactly means but anyways) Also, on Passport status webpage, it shows the status of my passport application is "Shipped"!! EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE!!
    ATM I'm still waiting for my passport and DL to arrive. But no more stress and worries. This is my story. Thank you for your patience for reading it!
    (4/22/2022 Court hearing for name change)
    4/25/2022 Naturalization Interview / Oath Ceremony / Certificate of Naturalization 
    4/26/2022 SSA case submitted / Passport application in USPS
    6/14/2022 SSA case cleared
    6/18/2022 Passport shipped
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