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  1. Hi there! I just came across one of your posts about changing names during naturalization. See, throughout the whole process, I had indicated my whole name (which is composed of four names). Let's say my name is Mary Kate Brown Smith. 


    During my interview, there was barely space to include my whole name on the form so I just shortened it to Mary Brown Smith. Now I didn't know the implications of this at the time. Now that I received my N445 oath letter, it only read Mary Brown Smith. Do you think that shortened name will be printed on my certificate? Or can I ask them to include "Kate" on the day itself?


    I should note that my GC, DL, SSN, etc. have all my four names on them.


    Thank you in advance for your answer :) 

    1. little immigrant

      little immigrant

      Hi, I just saw your message.


      Do you know if you will have an administrative or judicial oath ceremony? If it is the latter then it might be possible that it will be considered a name change and it will be printed on the certificate. Also you will receive a court issued document showing your name change. 


      You could always go to the court house afterwards and get your name corrected back to all four names and then apply for the passport. 


      If it is "only" the administrative oath ceremony you should keep your name as it is :)


      Hope this helps.


      When is your oath ceremony? And congratulations by the way! Let me know how it turns out.

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