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  1. Hey! To all the other DR K1'ers with similar timelines, what are the first few numbers of your NVC #? Mine is 2011609.xxx. I'm wondering if the 2011 signifies the type of visa (rather than the year). Looking at the June appointment list, it looks like things are somewhat chronological.

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    2. OneLove <3

      OneLove <3

      609 minus 500 equals 109. So on the 109th day of the year your petition was received by NVC meaning April 19. The last 3 numbers means the number of petitions processed on that day with yours included

    3. OneLove <3

      OneLove <3

      I know I know me and Jaz00mine had little to do that night we figured it out. We too were curious as to the meaning behind the numbers lol

    4. RMC2000


      Wow. I'm super impressed. Thanks!

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