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    we met online on a dating website that i have long abandoned. it was funny because i met him a couple of days after my birthday. i got an email notification that someone favorited me on the website. i almost forgot to check it out but i was so jaded and desperate LOL so i checked it out and found him cute. i did not waste any time so i said, what the heck! i will send him a message and use the video game pick-up line LOL.

    i found out that we both love video games and he studied a bit of Japanese. he tried to impress me by saying hajimemashite LOL but i have to stop him there and tell him i am not a Japanese but a Filipino.

    we were both reluctant starting a long distance relationship so we just kept chatting and whatnot. but we really do have a lot in common, especially our atheism which brought us together.

    after having several chats, flirty facebook message exchanges and a fun time of playing and chatting on xbox live, he decided to seal the deal and come down for my 'intelligence' (according to him :P).

    he visited twice and the second time he proposed to me on New Year's eve. definitely the best New Year i had in my entire life. i knew he was the one because there was a time when we went to Hakone and i was freaking out because a girlie thing happened unexpectedly :P. he was not so picky, so game, acted calm and he takes the lead when i am having a hard time figuring things out. he is my rock and i am his. i am Tigris and he is Euphrates.

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  1. gawd, why does moving have to be tough? i am packing like crazy XD

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