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  1. NVC already received our DS230 yes!

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    2. Love is patient

      Love is patient

      I'm so happy 4 you. NVC received my packages a week ago!! Our bills were generated with very little time difference between them & that's why. What are you going to do next?? Have you learned anything about AOS already?? Is entered in system?? GOOD LUCK TO US! :)

    3. Rap & Bhabes

      Rap & Bhabes

      Love is patient, both of ur packages was received of NVC a week ago? do u have any email from them? do u know ur SIF? me, i have to check my SIF then after that our case will be closed.. for now im monitoring my SIF:-) hope magksabay tau ng sched ng interview:-)

    4. Love is patient

      Love is patient

      Well SIF comes after some time. They have to enter our packages inside the system... They havent yet!! You must have send your packs earlier than me...if you expect SIF anytime. :o) I want interview in January!!!!! I hope it will be then!