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    We met july 27th 2009 on serenity beach, in D.R. We hope to start our Visa process in NOV! As of 2/2016 still married,immigrated our daughter on a K-2 and our SIL on a j visa and added another daughter.

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  1. ok still on hold 56 min and counting! cmon dos i know you efectively have my life on hold, but really i have other things to do today .

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    2. Lari & Jhona

      Lari & Jhona

      i think am going to apply to go work as costumer service ..and help you guys..fyi not reading from script lol

    3. Sannybel


      At least they put youon hold.. They wouldnt even let me through... Hope you got an answer finally..

    4. MrsAmancio


      oh hell na!! 50 plus minutes is insanity! does it matter whether u call in the morning vs. afternoon? @Lari&Jhona ..i think that would be the coolest job ever...

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