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    It's a long story. We met June 2009 in Tagged.com. We never stop talking online since then! We fell inlove right away. Due to excitement to be together, we decided to apply for a fiancee visa last August 2009 without meeting first and we didn't have any guide on how or what to do with the papers to submit. In short, We just filed a I-129F along with our emails and that's all! Wow! We've wasted our time waiting for the visa to be approved without knowing it was incomplete! It was a lesson! The USCIS asked for additional documents like G-325A and proof of meeting in person but my fiance submitted a waiver bcoz he has a medical related problems that he can't fly at that time. When I visited this website about the guidelines of K1 visa, it is then the time we knew our mistakes. Urgggg. The first K1 visa was denied last January 2010. It was so heart breaking. :( We have ups and downs in our relationship too because of the waiting. We decided to meet last April-May in Philippines. By the way, I am from Philippines and just working here in Dubai. He's from Wisconsin, USA. He submitted the K1 visa application last June 18, 2010 and touched June 25. Our case is still under initial review. I think they enjoyed watching our pictures! LOL We've submitted tons of documents. We really hope and pray that it will be approved very soon. Ohhhh God We need a miracle! He already bought my wedding gown! He took photos of wedding gowns then he showed it to me. We both love the one i chose. The NOA2 was approved Nov. 17, 2010. Interview date was Jan. 18, 2011 and Approved!!! To be continued...

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    1. fishegg6658


      thanks for accepting me :))I am also in Dubai...congratulations for your appproval..we got approved on 22oct and my finace called the nvc and we have told that our interview in on december 21what about you?did you get any update and get your interdate alreADY?I am a bit anxious k of this process and wanted to be prepare for interview but ntill now I havent recieve any from the abu dhabi consulate yet..please we will help each other..Thanks alot and Good luck to both of us...Happy thanks givin...

    2. SimplyMacy


      I thought the embassy will be the one to set the date for interview. We didnt make any calls yet. We will on monday. I will also email the embassy bcoz what I put for interview is US consulate here in Dubai and not USE AD. Did you contact the embassy yet or atleast email them?

    3. thelastpetitioner


      AD is the only one that handles K-1 processes in UAE ( i think the entire UAE ),so they will send your petition to US consulate in dubai,if they dont accept it for whatever reason,they will send it to AD,have your fiance call DoS to see where your case is at.the embassy WILL set the interview.also trying calling your interview once you know which one will be handling yours,they are very slow at answering emails

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