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    Afrikan Queen got a reaction from PaulTheSheik in FIANCEE DENIED K-1 IN LAGOS, NIGERIA   
    Sorry to hear that.
    I disagree with JimVaPhuong. You were prepared but someone bailed out on you. Find someone you can trust and rely on to be your co-sponsor such as a family member. Honestly, I sent about 20 pics to my fiance, but it gas a variety of pics (ei. with family, friends, just the two of us). Hope it doesn't effect our decision. Do you have anymore pics to present? What form were you given? Looks like you are given a second chance. Wish you the best.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Brad and Vika in Did you send your sexual conversations?   
    I would say no, don't send anything too intimate. Send a selection of email that show contact over time, that's it.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Pitaya in I-129F Packet. How to Oranize documents   
    Welcome to the forum
    Here is the link to the Form Assembly Tips, from the Guides tab of the forum main page.
    Good luck on your visa journey.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Lainie B in Family Name   
    Use her married name except in the places where the forms ask for "former name" or "name as it appears on I-94"
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to th3mo in New VisaJourney Immigration Guides   
    can we add timeline as a must to create your account , some times we need to know when they start and where they are to help other members and make it easier for the otheres
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to kcoyclay1 in URGENT   
    A color copy is not necessary. Neither is a certified copy. They just need to see a copy of the document. I've sent black and white copies on two occasion and they were accepted.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to pushbrk in sending money from africa to usa to my wife   
    If you already updated your profile, we would see the country and flag. We don't, so you haven't.
    How money transfers in either direction will be viewed, would depend on the totality of circumstances but I generally advise against using money transfers as evidence of a relationship. This is BECAUSE they can be viewed either negatively or positively (from either direction). It's best to concentrate on other forms of evidence of relationship. The most powerful evidence is that which shows you spending time together in person. Passport stamps and/or boarding passes do that. Second, is evidence of how and how frequently you communicate. Third is photos together.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Xanax in contacting a congressman/senator to expedite cases..   
    If you have been waiting over the expected period of time "5 months" then you can contact your congressmen to find out why your petition is taking so long. Most people say that they wont do anything till around 6 months.
    If you have been waiting over the expected period of time "5 months" then you can contact your congressmen to find out why your petition is taking so long. Most people say that they wont do anything till around 6 months.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to chinna in Birth Certificate...   
    Same story with me... I want to national population commission with affidivate from high court two passport photos, identification, 2500 naria come back in two weeks time and I get mean... I got the advice from this site...goodluck
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to JJ and Patty in HELP! COMPLETE change of personality.... :(   
    kinda sounds like she's got someone she is more interested in than you
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Leatherneck in Very very very tough life now... Plz HELP   
    OP, do not look at the difficulty of finding a job as defeat. This is a very tough labor market, you have good credentials, so do not take it too personal.
    Some employer will recognize your skills, education and experience and see you as an asset to the company, then make you an offer. You have to stay in the fight until you cross paths with that employer. Also, there are people without jobs with many years of experience and have the same degrees as you have, the market is tight and the competition is fierce.
    You and your sweetheart have come too far to give up now, things will get better and your relationship will be stronger as a result of pulling together through this very trying time.
    Good luck.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Lainie B in AOS Case transfer   
    Getting transferred to CSC usually means you will not have an interview, they will review your petition and approve your green card without interviewing you.
    However sometimes CSC does decide that you actually do need to be interviewed. If that happens it will be transferred to your local office first, and the interview will be conducted at your local office.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Mononoke28 in What could my husband do for a job?   
    There are many jobs he can do such as retail, fast food, restaurant, cleaning, even work at places like Walmart, Target, Costco, grocery stores, etc.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Inky in Is my Husband considered the petitioner or am I?   
    The Non-USC is the person applying for adjustment of status.
    The USC only fills out the I-864 and provides supporting documents for it.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to NigeriaorBust in Please Help! RFE at Interview   
    Do you have the envelope where they mailed his EAD to your address ?? Give them some of their own as proof.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to bigdog in I mailed everything BUT the Marriage Certificate   
    You will get an RFE, send it back asap, check and double check is the key. I have seen the RFE delay your progress by up to 1-3 months. But most likely will not be the case on a simple fix.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to VanessaTony in Driver license- School- traveling   
    Read the instructions for the forms. When the EAD and AP are filed together with, or while AOS is pending, the fee for them is waived. The fee is $1070.
    There is an AOS thread in my signature.
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    Afrikan Queen got a reaction from pascanda in K1 visa help, NOA2 approved, trying to work on packet 3   
    1. Actually salary is best.
    2. Current would be better.
    3. Printing them online with the web address is ok.
    4. Bring the tax forms that are filed. If you have not filed for 2011 that is ok.
    5. Yes, I did. I brought the 3 most latest bank statements.
    6. If you meet the minimum income requirements their is no need to list assets.
    7. Additional evidence of an ongoing relationship ie. emails, pics, phone records. Also, financial records.
    8. Yes, sent to NVC first then forwarded to the embassy.
    9. Bring everything to the interview.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to JimVaPhuong in Thinking I have been had   
    There are only two ways he can adjust status and stay in the US. One is the "normal" K1 visa way - he files an I-485 and you submit an I-864 affidavit of support, along with the normal evidence. The other is VAWA.
    He can't file for adjustment of status the "normal" way without your help. He would need your affidavit of support. They won't approve his green card without it.
    VAWA is available to anyone who is married to a US citizen or permanent resident, and has been "battered or subjected to extreme cruelty" by their spouse. While many VAWA applicants are genuine, there are also many scammers. The scammers are usually the ones who can't or won't pretend to be in a sincere relationship long enough to adjust status the "normal" way, or who may not otherwise be eligible to adjust status (an EWI, for example).
    Your husband has done some homework, but he is apparently not completely educated on the process. His assertion that you are somehow legally required to pay for his adjustment of status is baloney. In addition, his statement about bringing him here "under your support" implies that he believes you are legally obligated to support him. Again, this is baloney. The I-134 affidavit of support you signed for him to get a visa is not legally binding on you. You aren't legally obligated to pay for anything. I have no idea whether his embassy can help him with an attorney, but that's a tactic I've not heard of before.
    Anyway, if he decides to pursue a VAWA case then you will not be involved at all in the USCIS process, and they will probably not contact you. That makes sense. If you had actually abused him then anything you said to USCIS would be suspect, anyway. His problem as it relates to you is that he needs evidence of abuse to successfully win a VAWA case. His recordings of your arguments, if they actually exist, are probably useless unless you've made threats during those arguments regarding his immigration status. Using someone's immigration status as a method of manipulating them is considered a form of abuse for the purposes of VAWA. If he's being coached then he probably knows that the evidence he's got is insufficient, so he'll try to manufacture more evidence to support his case. This means he may try to start an argument with you and then call the police claiming you either harmed him (self inflicted wounds are not uncommon in these cases), or that you threatened to harm him. He may also request a restraining order against you, which would basically block you from going into your own home. These things create a record with the local police department that he can use to support his VAWA case. The seriously bad news is that you'll have a record for domestic violence, even if it's all bullcrap.
    As painful as it might be, you might have to leave your home while the divorce is pending in order to save your reputation and avoid DV charges. If you remain in the home, and if he wants the evidence bad enough, he'll make it happen.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Inky in The Do Not Open Packet   
    No he needs a copy of the vaccination sheet. The medical is inside the big package that gets sent to USCIS and they will have it.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to baron555 in Statement of how you met   
    List specific dates, not just the year.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to mrsz. R in How long does it take for NOA1 to show online?   
    did you add the letters that come before the numbers? i noticed if you don`t put the letters it doesn`t show
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to khoamythovn in Question about AOS of K1 visa and Civil marriage   
    We got married downtown Chicago with only my cousin as tag along photographer. We have a photo of us and the judge that signed our paper. We were saving that photo in case of AOS interview but didn't need to. We were lucky no AOS interview. Hope yours will too.
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    Afrikan Queen reacted to Scott and Mhay in Fiancee is flipping out!   
    Tell her to tell them the name of the town/city she will get married.
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    Afrikan Queen got a reaction from I AM NOT THAT GUY in Does Petitioner Need to submit Birth Certificate?   
    NO, a photocopy will be fine. The beneficiary may be asked to show the original copy, not the petitioner.
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