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  1. Thank you! I just sent an email to them explaining the situation. I appreciate your help!
  2. Hello, I was married in Morocco in 2004. I filed for divorce in 2014, and the divorce was final in 2015. My ex went back to Morocco and was ordered to sign a quit claim deed so that I could refinance our mortgage in my name (he had no job or income). I am trying now to go through the courts to have this process done without him (he has not been compliant), and suddenly he is sending letters to the judge saying that I never showed up for divorce hearings in Morocco (that if existed, I never knew about). Is there a) anything I can do to have the Moroccan courts recognize our divorce? No children, no Moroccan assets that I want anything to do with (as far as I know, all there would have been were the $13K in life savings we had amassed that I let him take with him, while I took all the debt, so that he would leave me alone) b) Do I even need to worry about this- I'm never going back to Morocco, and because of him, would have a hard time even being friends with any man from Morocco, let alone getting married to one again. Any ideas or help would be appreciated- thank you all!