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  1. YOu wouldn't beleive it I went down to get my Georgia license today and did not have to wait long my number came up pretty quick. At first the lady at the front desk told me no I needed a GC and then I showed her the page I printed from the net where it says I only need my EAD card and marrrige cert. SO she said take a seat and fill in this form, she was really nice. Oh she also told me I would not be able to do the road test. SO I get called nice lady named Janice looked at me weird and ...

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    2. Mike & B

      Mike & B

      I'm in Utah and I took in my SSN, Visa and Marriage cert (but no EAD yet) and they said I can't get a drivers license until I get a Greencard. But I can get a 1 year 'Driver Privilege Card' which means I take a drivers written and practical test and can then drive legally but it is not a legal identification card. Its frustrating because I can't get any legal ID in my married name until I get my greencard....which is AGES....lol

    3. Barbara J

      Barbara J

      @ Darren and Heather mmm not fair I suppose it depends on what office hey I am here in Augusta and mmm so slow we here in da south lol she said I would be able to do the whole thing to in one day but the stupid system did not like me lol I was hoping not to do a driving test as I have been driving for 34 years Oh god that makes me sound old hey. glad he got his though.

    4. Barbara J

      Barbara J

      Awwww Brodie you poor thing am lucky I was able to get my military ID as Wayland being a vet and did not have to wait for GC, I just wanted to do the pc test but could not even get that done oh well hey we are used to waiting aren't we?