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  1. Hello everyone, I have a few questions and I'll try to explain all the situation.

    I became a US citizen this year January 2018, I finally got full custody of my too little girls (15 and 11) they are living right now with us ( my husband and I) in the United States and is me as a US citizen  mother that i am the  petitioner.

    They came in June 2018 with a tourist visa.

    We are right now  filling all the papers to make the right  immigration process, starting with the forms I-130 here is where I have my first question:

    Do I have to fill one form for each girl?

    Then I am lost for the next step, since I am a us citizen and they are minor they can become us citizen as well and of course  it needs a process.

    Do I fill and send the form I-130 by itself and then fill for the form N-600 to make them us citizen?


    Do I fill the form I-130 and form I-485  and then fill later form N-600?

    I hope everything is well explain and I'm not missing details.

    Thank you so much.

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