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    LOVING OUR LIFE TOGETHER IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! we will travel this wonderful world...as much as we can!

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    5 years ago we met...and it brought us here ~.~

    now its 6 years and we have begun our new path TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!! APPROVED AND JOINED IN ONE COUNTRY!!!!\\


    WHOA!!!! NOW IT BEEN ALMOST 8 YEARS!!! STILL IN LOVE ...still so much happiness...waking up with smiles ....sighs* wondering how we were so blessed to have found each other and continue to appreciate what we have....remembering what we had to go through to get here...thanking god everyday for smiling down on us...

    WHOA!!! ITS NOW ALMOST 8 YEARS!!! SO MUCH LOVE AND SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!! every single day waking up with a smile ...a sigh*... how can this be really our life?? how did we get so blessed to have found each other and to still feel so deeply in love ...appreciating and remembering all that we have both done to get to this time in our lives..thank you god for smiling on us each and every day...

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  1. abdelillah first job was stocking and ordering dairy products, hes been working with the Union trying to do what he is trained to do , commercial refrigeration. So hopefully when he comes back in a month from morocco he will be hired..:)

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