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  1. Just emailed off the I-864 package! Now back to waiting. Hoping the IV bill appears soon so we can pay it!

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    2. Saylin


      Thanks! Just have to submit one more package then all done! And then wait for CC and an interview! Which reminds me, good luck on your interview coming up! It's actually on the same day another VJ friend has her interview (although it's in the Dominican Republic), lol.

    3. MAlove


      Lol thanks the nerves are definitely acting up now that we're close. Plus I haven't seen the man in 3 months so that's part of it I'm sure. The NVC stage does go by fast but at least you feel like something's happening. Just be prepared to go back to waiting after CC but they are not as backlogged so you should get a date pretty soon :)

    4. Saylin


      Oh, jeez, 3 months? I'm sure you'll be great though! Better write a review when you can ;) With the new online forms at Montreal, you actually find out your interview within a few days and now it's down to a 2 month backlog, so not as much waiting as before :)