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  1. said goodbye to her husband at the airport 5 hours ago. Already feeling empty inside. Hopefully he can come visit me again in Canada before Christmas.

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    2. MAlove


      My friend told me I had it good: "You have a man who loves you and you get to live the single life." Ummm ya when I was single I spent a ton of time wallowing in self pity and reading up on VJ lol. I get what she's saying, this is the last time I'll truely have tons of time to spend on me so do whatever you can to pass the time. It's ok to be sad but don't let it last too long or it ends up consuming you :) You'll be there soon!

    3. Saylin


      Interesting, never thought about it that way, that I'm married yet sort of single at the same time. Yes, your friend is right that I have so much time to do whatever I want, especially since I don't have a job at the moment or friends to hang out with. I'm just home at my computer all day chatting with my husband on MSN while he's at work and staying on VJ forums for most of the day. That's how I pass my time, lol. I know it's not good to be sad for so long, but it get...

    4. Saylin


      ...gets hard at times when I think of something that sours my mood and I feel depressed for awhile. I'm keeping all fingers crossed for our NOA2 by Christmas and then my spirits will rise again. ^_^