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    We met(online)..fell in love..met in person..stayed in love...now trying to fulfill our ultimate dream to be together soon...still very so much in love..will be in love with each other until onwards...With God's grace and guidance,putting him @ the center of everything we do,,,the rest will be part of our His/Herstory...God bless us all!!

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  1. how long does it take before the petition can reach the embassy from NVC??..we got our letter from NVc stating that they sent our petition to the consulate last July 19,2010...we even got our Manila case #..we were trying to schedule for interview but the operator said that the embassy didn't receive our petition from the NVC yet...Lord, please guide us...:-(

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    2. pookaphilus


      good to hear that ate shedn..I think JMF(a VJ member here) is also planning to have her med early before her interview..try to ask her..God bless!!..

    3. shedn


      hi pookaphilus i am so happy!! we are almost done and good luck to us!!!

    4. pinkhonu


      it will take 3 to 5 business days for them to receive it. they will probably have the electronic copy by now. same thing happened to us. just give it an extra day or 2 to call again. then if it's in their system that they already have the hard copy then you can schedule the interview. and yes you don't have to wait for the letter from the embassy to schedule an interview. ;)