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    We have been married for over 2 years now and together since 2010. Time flies!! We are still living life like newlyweds. I love my Dominican Husband!

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  1. my man is scared to tell his family he's leaving to be with me!! he's going to mess around and get me stabbed when I arrive there...ay dios!!

    1. Angela M.

      Angela M.

      lmao...he still has not told them? jajaja how we dominicans say "te van a pika pa 'lla" lol...(they're going to cut you up over there) They'll just be really happy for him! And thankful to you!

    2. MrsAmancio


      haha! i think he's scared..he said when its for sure! he still doubts our government and their willingness to issue visas! im like dude..they are not going to appreciate "by the way..i'm leaving for Miami tomorrow and I won't be back for a year!" o-m-g...thanks for the saying..i need to pick up more of them lol

    3. MrsAmancio


      well he just rec'd his interview packet.so i asked if his family seen it and he said No. He had the nerve to say I want you to be there with me when I tell them....AWKWARD!!!! lmao...he said there gonna be so sad about him leaving that he might change his mind but if im there he wont lol a$$hole hehe

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