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  1. How long does it generally take for Montreal to log Packet 3? Wondering when I should start calling DOS..

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    2. Penny Lane

      Penny Lane

      Nope, he never got a copy! I got my copy on the 2nd of this month. It was dated Jan 26th but only sent on the 31st. So I got it very quickly but he hasn't received anything yet.

    3. JeannieL


      Odd, I wonder why Kenny gets everything that I get. It's good though in case one gets lost or something. You can call DOS whenever you want. I just asked if packet 3 was logged, when they said no and the speech I asked how long it usually takes. They will say that Montreal is very busy blah blah blah...You might be lucky and have it logged quickly...Mine was during the Christmas rush. Let me know how you make out.

    4. Penny Lane

      Penny Lane

      Will do, thanks! :)