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  1. Almost a week since Montreal sent Packet 3 ... how is it not here yet? Grr.

    1. JeannieL


      Hi..Just because DOS says it was sent on a certain date doesn't mean it was actually sent. It means that is was ready to be sent that day. Ours was "sent" Dec 1 and we received it 3 weeks later. I blamed it on Christmas mail, but later was told about the "sent" thing. Be patient it will arrive. I sent my forms in before I actually received packet 3...Just saying :-)...Send me a message if you want more info :-)

    2. Penny Lane

      Penny Lane

      Thanks, sent you a quick PM :)

    3. JeannieL


      Sent you lots of info and my personal email address to get to me quicker :-) I'll help in any way I can.