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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from Elshayt in best way to send packages to Egypt   
    as a graduate student in Cairo, i receive alot of mail from home and no matter what the recipient has to pay the customs fee before they pick it up
    dhl is more expensive than fedex
    BUT if you send it through USPS specifically global express guaranteed then it gets picked up and delivered by Fedex in Egypt i got a package that way witin 5 business days and it was AWESOME!!! its cheaper than dhl and fedex and still you get the benefit of fedex guarantee and delivery
    Here is the link Global Express Guaranteed
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from Ivie & Eguagie in Primary Vs Secondary Evidence of Meeting   
    I really think that should be sufficient. We sent in skype records, pictures, chat logs, and airline tickets and we were never received an RFE.
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from Kathryn41 in I feel so embarassed and hurt   
    technically, if the judge signed the final judgment and decree of divorce then it is finalized. call the court with the case number to make sure the decree has been filed with court and request a certified copy.
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from Austramerican in Is it just me or has going through immigration really put wedding planning into perspective?   
    I have been a member of theknot.com for a while and although I love the site and ideas, it is very hard to make their advice mesh with immigration. A better site ive noticed is offbeatbride.com. This gives you a huge array of ideas for all different styles etc. instead of just the traditional wedding styles you find at The Know. So if you all are looking for innovative ideas, check out offbeatbride.com
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from jenkatx in AP poll, how many of you..   
    Just got out of AP this week, we were in AP for 4 months
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from Jilli & Ales in Facebook Status?   
    i really dont think the USCIS will check your facebook and then deny your petition because of what you put on facebook. My status still says in a relationship and probably will even after we get married. Facebook may be "official" among friends but it is far from an accurate measurement of reality - i mean how could a government deny a petition based on something that is easily changeable falsifiable and crazy, i mean a friend of mine was in a relationship with a beer funnel for about 2 years. don't worry about it
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from duffy in maybe in not understanding AP   
    could be true but if we were held up at NVC wouldn't they have discovered if he was a criminal
    i mean what is the difference between background checks by the US Department of State and the US Department of State one month later lol
    this process in bananas
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from unavail in Petitioner residing abroad   
    you dont have to be in the US, you just have to be a USC and have a US residence. I filed from abroad when I was in Cairo. I put my parents address as my residence and wrote on the cover letter that I was currently abroad and could also be reached at my Egypt address. They still sent all my messages to my parents house.
    its totally fine.
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from JeroenAndMichelle in Being "Touched" and "Updated"   
    touched could mean many things. It could mean they are just moving your petition from one file box to another or too and adjudicators desk. sometimes it means they are getting ready to work on your petition. some people get no touches between their NOA1 and NOA2 so it really has no official meaning.
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    Tyeger87 got a reaction from B_J in Luck of Willpower   
    im not trying to start a war here but i believe your comment is rude and unnecessary. Here is a person who has ended a relationship and you question the validity of it in the first place and then ask if they were pen pals. i just feel its kind of insulting, if you and your SO were to break up, how would you feel if someone asked u the same thing? I think we should strive for tact and politeness when responding to people, especially when they are having a particularly difficult time
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    Tyeger87 reacted to OneLove <3 in K1 Vermonters let's move-on.now !!!   
    USCIS twitter blog is on fire with VJers!!! yay!!! keep it up!!
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    Tyeger87 reacted to Blob18 in VSC at a standstill today...   
    Ok, I'm sick and tired of being nice to you, especially since you continue to spread false information.
    SHUT UP!
    Contacting your Congress officials DOES NOT DELAY YOUR CASE PERIOD. Senators and Congressman don't even have a clue about your case as STAFFERS trained in dealing with Federal Agencies handle it, as it is THEIR JOB.
    I contacted my Congress officials right after I hit 5 months, who are there to represent ME the US Citizen. Do I regret it? No. I waited my 5 months, you waited 3 months and 10 days. Get off your high horse.
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    Tyeger87 reacted to Gary and Alla in Calling the White House   
    Japan is melting down. The middle east is self destructing. The economy is wrecked, gas will be $5 per gallon soon and Obama is golfing. But if you call him about your visa petition I am sure he will drop everything so you can be together with your honey sooner.
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