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    C_María reacted to wellmux in Hospital Bill   
    in january 2011 i went to hospital and they done my catherization they kept me in hospital for 3 days and after that i came back home and they sent me a bill of 22000 dollars thats ridiculous. by just looking at the bill amount i almost got a heart attack.
    they charged me 3500 dollars for the hospital room, they sent me this bill to be paid like i am Bill Gates and i can pay that amount.
    i get same kind of treatment in pakistan with only 5 cents it was not different than medical in pakisan actually pakistani governoment hospitals grants and bills paid by governoment.
    I hope i would not face any problem when i apply for naturalization because i owe 22000 dollars to the hospital .
    next time i have some medical reasons i will just go pakistan and get my treatment there.it will cost me 1600 dollars to get there plus i will get to see my family.
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    C_María reacted to JimVaPhuong in Any help me please? My case has been denied due to adam walsh act   
    There's an awful lot misinformation or misunderstanding in this thread. This post contains the best advice I've seen so far.
    Without pointing out any specific posts that contained misleading or incorrect information...
    Sex offenders are required to register their address whenever they move. That information is publicly available. The OP would be doing neither a favor to the public nor a disservice to her fiance by posting any information about him because anyone who wants to find this information can do so. You can find information on sex offenders living near you at the Department of Justic NSO public website:
    The questions in section C.2 of the I-129F have to do with the IMBRA, which is about disclosure - not denial. The Adam Walsh Act is something entirely different - it's about sex crimes involving children. Someone with a conviction covered by the AWA is not eligible to submit any family visa petition. Getting a waiver is possible. The thread linked in the post I quoted above contains stories of people who have gone through the process, and some have been successful.
    Finally, we don't know the circumstances surrounding what the OP's fiance did. There is a huge amount of porn on the internet. It's not possible to know the ages of every model or actor/actress depicted in those photos and videos. It's not like they pose with their ID cards. Title 18 of the federal law requires that producers of sexually explicit material verify the ages of the people depicted in their work, and that they keep the proof of age on file. There have been many cases where young people have lied about their age and used false ID in order to make money as porn models and actors/actresses. Anybody remember Traci Lords? She went into the adult film business as an actress when she was only 15 years old using a fake ID. She even appeared in Penthouse magazine when she was only 16. Would everyone who purchased that particular issue of Penthouse be classified as a sex offender?
    The point is that it's illegal to possess this material, even if you were unaware that the persons depicted were under age. We don't know the exact nature of the material that the OP's fiance had, nor if he was aware that the material depicted children who were under age. The fact that a professional psychologist confirmed that he wasn't a danger is a pretty good indication that he's not a potential child molester.
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    C_María reacted to happywife in Any help me please? My case has been denied due to adam walsh act   
    i read this post and am thinking about it in the other way. you love your fiance to death and he loves you too. you can not get a visa, why not just ask him to move to your place and live together forever. where there is love where is heaven.
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    C_María reacted to Kimchimex in how much proof is necessary   
    I think it sounds like enough since you have a joint rental agreement, & beneficiary on insurance...heck, that's a lot!!! Print out fotos that you do have & make a statement saying your comunication is in person not email & phone since you wake up and say good morning, buenas dias in person each day!!!
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    C_María reacted to JimVaPhuong in AOS and TAXES   
    Why would an LPR file to adjust status?
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    C_María reacted to JimVaPhuong in PHOTOS for AOS interview   
    I'm going to have to disagree with the consensus here.
    Bringing photos to an AOS interview is not simply to meet some bureaucratic requirement. You're trying to convince an immigration officer that you have a genuine spousal relationship. Printing off some photos onto plain paper is not only impersonal, it implies that the photos themselves mean little to you. You're not going to be interviewed at a window with a bank teller style slot you have to pass your evidence under. You're going to be seated in an office with an immigration officer, and you'll pass your evidence across the desk when the IO asks for it.
    I recommend you spend some time and print your photos onto photo paper, and organize your photos into a nice album, just as you would if the photos themselves were keepsakes. In the IO's mind, if you don't collect your memories like a real married couple then you aren't a real married couple.
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    C_María got a reaction from Psalm139 in R.I.P Daddy   
    It gets better
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    C_María reacted to Brother Hesekiel in R.I.P Daddy   
    I was in a similar situation.
    Both my parents died while I was here in the US, unable to leave the country without triggering the 10-year bar. My mom died on the operating table after 4 or so previous heart surgeries, so even if I had tried to make it in time to catch a flight, I couldn't have been there in time to say goodbye. My dad was 81 and one day he just died, without giving a week's notice.
    I studied philosophy in college and have been involved with religion and spirituality for many years previously and afterward. Heck, I even lived in India for 6 months in 1985 when trying to figure things out and find myself, the real me, the one that lives inside the body. There's one thing I've taken from Buddhism: don't let things effect you that you can't change, and don't let things consume you that are things of the past.
    Once somebody is dead, there's nothing you can do. Being there at the funeral is paying respect, but the person that passed on won't benefit from it. The only person that's suffering after someone died is you. But you only suffer if you allow yourself to suffer. After my mom died, I reflected on her life and wrote a Eulogy that my daughter read at the funeral. I had my silent moment and an hour of emotional pain, but afterward I made the deliberate effort to look ahead, into the future, not toward the past. I remember the best of my parents and in my house I have one photo in the hall showing me with my parents when I was maybe 6 or 7, and one when we were all at a Luau on Maui, Hawaii, back in the 2001 or 2002.
    Life goes on, and the best you can do is to take one step at a time and deal with the challenges life throws at you. There's nothing to be gained for you, your father, or anybody else if you consume your time with thoughts on what you would--or should or wish you could--have done differently.
    Look ahead, and live life. Enjoy it, every day of it, because one day it's the end for you, and me, and everybody else as well. Like a beautiful rose, we are being planted, born, grow, become beautiful, and then slowly die. It's the circle of life, and it's nature in its purest form, and there's nothing we or anybody can do about it, so we might as well try to make the best of it.

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    C_María got a reaction from gna781 in R.I.P Daddy   
    It gets better
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    C_María reacted to Winning in passing internal checkpoint   
    I'm sorry but you gave opinions that never answered my questions...do not say I don't understand the info...because with your type of opinions one can never understand were you are going...you never answered the question as Jim has.Don't assume to know that the person asking a question has their card in hand.The reason people post things in this forum is to hopefully get some type of insight through other peoples experiences. If you don't have that insight don't answer questions
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    C_María reacted to Gus&Cole in NOA2 Approval!   
    Thank you!! It's surreal. I sent my petition to the Dallas Lockbox and then they sent it to the California Service Center. I did everything myself, thanks to this website. I couldn't have done it without all the ppl and information on this website.
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    C_María reacted to JimVaPhuong in section 8 housing   
    Qualifying for section 8 housing assistance generally requires you have income that is less than 50% of the median income for the area where you want to live. Income that might provide a very comfortable living in one part of the country might not be sufficient for even a modest apartment in others. Section 8 housing assistance is not reserved for the desperately poor, but for people who are relatively poor compared to their neighbors. A person who might be considered reasonably well paid in rural Ohio might be comparatively poor if they had the same income living in San Francisco.
    It IS true that many landlords refuse to rent to people who require section 8 assistance, but this is not necessarily a negative reflection on the people who use the assistance. It's more because the law makes it difficult to evict someone who is receiving section 8 assistance, and equally difficult to raise their rent because of the FMR cap.
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    C_María got a reaction from Moomin in I think my lawyer is lying to us!!   
    That's a lot of money to pay someone if you're still doing the work and still worrying. I personally feel that unless you are ridiculously busy without a moment to spare or have some special circumstance that complicates things than a lawyer isn't at all necessary. What could they possibly be doing for you that is worth that amount??! Check out the guides and see if you can't do it yourself and then fire your lawyer and get your money back. That's just my opinion. I'm starting to think that I need to get into the visa preparing business... they make a killing for doing very little and not well at that.
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    C_María got a reaction from Sarah&Michael in I think my lawyer is lying to us!!   
    That's a lot of money to pay someone if you're still doing the work and still worrying. I personally feel that unless you are ridiculously busy without a moment to spare or have some special circumstance that complicates things than a lawyer isn't at all necessary. What could they possibly be doing for you that is worth that amount??! Check out the guides and see if you can't do it yourself and then fire your lawyer and get your money back. That's just my opinion. I'm starting to think that I need to get into the visa preparing business... they make a killing for doing very little and not well at that.
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    C_María got a reaction from TBoneTX in Do I need to go to consular interview (Juarez, Mexico)?   
    By the way we were there for almost 3 weeks. We went out frequently in our car, taxi, and on foot and felt very safe. I don't deny there are bad parts of the city but the "consulate zone" is well protected so don't worry any more than you have to.
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    C_María got a reaction from SunDrop in My fiancee is pregnant and I'm about to submit the I-129F   
    We are in the same situation and unfortunately it did not speed up our process though I did not try for an expedite because I was told it wasn't worth it to try and thought we'd be together for the birth of our baby for sure. Now if I were to do it again I would have tried just to know for sure, no harm in trying. We didn't have to justify my pregnancy at any point in this process nor did my fiance have to declare his knowledge of it. We submitted a lot of doctor's records in our evidence since it proved our living together at that time.
    It has been really hard being apart these last few months and not being able to share the birth with him is a really painful thing but we keep telling ourselves that sacrificing our own happiness for a few months is worth it for our daughter to grow up with both her parents legally able to cross into and live in one another's country. But wow, they do not make it an easy process, be prepared for some heartache. But now my fiance will finally be able to meet his 6 week old daughter in a few days and we will be able to put this horrible experience behind us!
    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a quick immigration journey! Your family will be stronger for it.
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    C_María reacted to NigeriaorBust in New Visa Appointment Service   
    K1 is non immigrant at sometimes and immigrant at others. When it comes to paying at the embassy it is non immigrant. So you will have to pay for the visa as the embassy requires and bring proof of payment to the interview with you.
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    C_María reacted to Danilu in DS-260 Form as of March 1st 2011   
    I found this link that shows a sample of DS-260 form:
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    C_María reacted to KiwiBird in Expedite Request   
    There are both sides to this argument. Fortunately for us, its not our decision to make. so I don't feel the need to argue! Only USCIS can decide, obviously.
    Course, I'm wandering how others saying "That seems selfish" would react if their loved ones countries were hit with disaster. Even if their fiance wasn't near the situation.
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    C_María reacted to FawkThisSite in ; Wooohooh!! Go Vermont!!   
    Don't be bitter because you're on the other team.
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    C_María reacted to Joyce and Chris in Lawyer vs. Self file K1   
    Wow, you guys are great and thanks for the support. I fully intended to do the paperwork myself. But just wanted to put her and my mind at ease. Neither of us anything in our past that would create a problem. This site has been a huge help so far and I only have cracked the surface.
    I am planning on dating and sending in all the paperwork on February 14th. Thought that day might bring us good luck.
    Thanks again!!!!
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    C_María reacted to CareBear in Lawyer vs. Self file K1   
    Unless you have complications in your case (previous overstays or criminal convictions that need a waiver) I honestly don't see the need for the expense of a lawyer. There's example forms on this site that you can follow when filling in the paperwork, there's hundreds of people here who have been the same route before you that can answer your questions and with a little common sense its really not too hard. We did our own and yes we got an RFE (request for further evidence) but it was for something so silly that I laugh about it now (only photocopied front of a document instead of all of it - common sense would have dictated photocopying all of it since the important pages were at the back lol). The RFE delayed us 3 weeks which is nothing in the grand scheme of things Good luck
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    C_María reacted to Penny Lane in What's Vermont's excuse now for not approving NOA2s?   
    You were the same, but your attitude was completely different. How people deal with situations says a lot about a person. I don't seem to recall you posting all over the boards about how USCIS has it out for you and they're ruining your entire life.
    I don't want people think I am excusing the process, or saying that things are working as they are intended and how they should be. They obviously aren't. Things are taking longer than they should, but that's something that's known (or should be!) going into this process. It's just one of those necessary evils in life where we have to roll with the punches because things are completely out of our control. This isn't a perfect world and the things we want often come at the price of a little bit of sanity.
    Like I said, the people at five and six months have every reason to be upset and should be doing whatever it is they can to get answers about their case. People who are at 3 months and already in an absolute panic simply weren't prepared for the stress of the process.
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    C_María reacted to Penny Lane in What's Vermont's excuse now for not approving NOA2s?   
    It must be lovely going through life having all the answers. I'm not sure why I continue to entertain your posts. You will be here every day of your process, being as miserable as possible. I hope for your sake (and for the sake of the people on these forums) that you get your NOA2 before the five month mark. Good luck.
    To the people who are waiting 5-6 months, I understand their anger. The anger and outrage from people at the 3 month mark will never make sense to me.
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