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    Amos&Radio got a reaction from Ann0121 in USCIS How long to cash check?   
    Hi there,
    Three weeks ago I mailed off my AOS packet along with the check for the AOS fee, (a week and a half before my deadline.)
    Everyday my wife has been checking her bank statements to see if they've cashed in the check and they have not.
    Also, I sent in along with the packet a form that I filled out requesting that I get an e-notification when they've received my packet.
    I checked online with USPS and they said that my packet was delivered two days after initially mailing off my AOS forms but I never got a notification from USCIS.
    I'm growing worried that something has gone wrong and I can't find a number for the USCIS in Chicago so that I can call them and ask about the processing situation.
    Does it usually take this long for them to cash in checks? Does it usually take this long to hear anything from them?
    If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Amos&Radio got a reaction from codie in London Medical - Knightsbridge Doctors   
    Hi Everyone,
    I had my medical last Thursday and just wanted to reassure everyone that the process is really straightforward and stress free.
    Everyone in the centre is really friendly, like another forum poster was saying, as long as you are friendly with them and smile, then there is no reason for them to be arsey or anything. They called me either Sir or by my first name throughout.
    The chap who does the X - Rays was funny and made a lot of conversation, just asking about where I would be living etc.
    The same can be said for the doctor who examined me. I don't remember her name, but she was brilliant. Really friendly and made a lot of effort to make sure I was relaxed during the examination.
    Also - I stupidly forgot my glasses on the day of the appointment, I was frantically trying to remember everything else, so I was in panic mode when I went in. However, she did this awesome thing using a post it note and a pin hole in the middle - which meant I could complete the eye sight test! Obviously, I was quite lucky that this wasn't an issue - to everyone else I would recommend you bring your glasses, even if you don't wear them that often, like myself!
    The only downside is the payment - it seems very excessive for such a quick procedure. But if that's what we have to do to be with our loved ones, so be it!
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