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    Ask and you will be given...Seek and you will find...Knock and it will be opened to you.

    That was it. Laid my hearts innermost desires at God's feet and He paid such tender attention to my heart.

    I asked...God sought...Femi knocked and my heart was overfilled with joy and thanksgiving.

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  1. Well its toward the afternoon and checked my status with USCIS...have been touched today...no emails...I am grateful that my case is at least being looked at...I think...Hope to hear something soon!...God knows I would love to get married on November 3...there is much to do before that and just to have him and the children here would bring a smile to my face... :D

    1. Trishabelle


      what significance is Nov 3? Glad it was touched - at least it's not sitting idle somewhere! Looking forward to good news on your end!

    2. firstlove2


      November 2 is when I laid my heart open to God about a Man of God for me...November 3 is when God answered and my fiance called that first time...the rest is just so sweet and evidence of God's grace and attention to my and my fiance's heart...

    3. kelleyandivan


      Beautiful significance!!

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