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    Rodrigo and I met about 3 years ago when I went to a trip to Mexico and immidiately fell in love. We went out for about 2 years and I went to live with him. One day I had a very bad pain and when the doctors did an ultrasound on me they discovered I had a stone in my gallbladder. I then was coming to the US on the next available flight. When I arrived my parents rushed me to the hospital where the Doctors told me that I could have died! A little bit after they told me this two other doctors come in and tell me I am about 2 weeks pregnant. I could not believe it and so I started to cry and immidiately called my boyfriend (at the time). For about 2 days I was only on IV and a doctor came in and told me if I wanted to take a very huge risk. The risk was either we operate on you (and the baby might not make it) or we leve you like this untill you give birth and then we operate you. I thought about it and I told my boyfriend what should WE do and he said to me "It will hurt but I prefer your safety and your health." It did hurt to make this desition but finally I got operated. The first thing the doctors told me when I opened my eyes were the words I would never forget "Your baby survived everything and is ok!!!" They also told me that they could not guarentee me that my baby would be fine at birth.I then (pain and all) called my boyfriend and told him the great news and the not so great news. About 2 months passed and I returned back with my boyfriend and got married on September 18, 2009. Then I returned back on September 22 to the US and later had our HEALTHY baby girl on November 23, 2009. Some months have passed and I filed the petition on March 26, 2010 and recieved the NOA1 on April 02. Untill now thats all that has happened. I would really like for my husband to get approved soon like this he could finally meet our 9month old daughter. =)

    Thats OUR STORY!!!!!! =P

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  1. Today is the day!! I am so excited that my husband is having his interview I cant wait to call him and find out the results(Wish us Luck Friends!)

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