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    shedn reacted to cary&gina in Social Security #   
    Hello All,
    My wife has had the Biometrics and we just recieved the EAD card. My question is ...can she work now?
    Or does she need a Social securty # first. Can we get a Social sec # before her green card arrives?
    Thanks a bunch in advance!!!
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    shedn reacted to SarahJosiahVSL in Manila K1 Interview Schedule   
    I am a bit confused, we just got our NOA2 in mid May 2010, then we got a letter from NVC at the end of May 2010 saying they would send to US embassy Manila within a week. Now we have heard nothing since. Do we need to call the NVC center or the embassy to schedule an interview or will they schedule the medical and interview for us and then notify us? My fiance has not received any notification from the embassy yet so i assume we are okay. Is there any website or call service to know the schedule in advance before receiving a letter from the embassy? Please help me soon:)
    thank you
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