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  1. Went to the SSA office yesterday. It went sort of smooth. The lady tried to say he needed the EAD, and was about to argue with me about it until I showed her the paper I printed off from the guides here at VJ. His card is supposed to arrive in 7-14 days! :]

    1. KayDeeCee


      Oh, and I do not see that memo I used to prove he could get one under the SSN guide anymore. I have it saved though, in case anyone wants/needs it.

    2. pookaphilus


      he can get an SSN card..I don't know, the case differs in every state..here in Cali..we can get SSN card..but still in our maiden name(even if we are already married)..we will just apply for a change of name whenever we get our EAD/GC..to prove about the change of status..I received my SSN card after 6 8 days...God bless!!..