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  1. Was soooo hoping to have our date before Andrew came to visit over Labor Day weekend. But now it's not looking so hopeful anymore :(

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    2. NBDFW


      well i saw some ppl with appoitnments oin Septemebr so prob our appointments will be in October, at least that's what i'm hoping

    3. Jess and Andrew

      Jess and Andrew

      Yeah, I mean, I'd be totally fine with an interview in November or December even! I just want to know when I can be happy again!

    4. NBDFW


      i know what you mean, every day I am worried but by the end of the day i go frustrated back home, so I guess my patient is getting over. In my case I would like to have the interview in Cotober or beginning of November cuz i need to do a lot of stuff before moving, so we will see what happens