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    December 2012 - marriedUSCIS Stage... 01/28/2013 I-130 package sent01/31/2013 Notice of Action Date02/01/2013 Received e-mail and text notification of acceptance02/04/2013 Received hard copy NOA1 (case not found in on-line system)03/12/2013 Transferred to the local office04/10/2013 Case still not found in on-line system04/15/2013 INFO-PASS appointment 05/01/2013 NOA2 sent petition approvedNVC Stage...of course it has to be complicated05/09/2013 Case received by NVC05/23/2013 Received case #'s from NVC05/23/2013 DS-3032 sent from husband's e-mail06/03/2013 First day I can not access payment portal06/04/2013 AOS Fee invoiced and payment made06/04/2013 DS-3032 resent with Supervisor Review06/05/2013 DS-3032 acceptance e-mail06/05/2013 AOS Fee shows "PAID"06/06/2013 AOS package express mailed 06/07/2013 IV bill invoiced and payment made (still waiting on documents from Hubby)06/08/2013 IV package express mailed06/25/2013 IV reviewed - Checklist (2 errors, Birth document & date on DS-230)06/26/2013 Requested supervisor review by e-mail & verbal request for birth document (fingers crossed)06/27/2013 AOS accepted 06/28/2013 Checklist response sent for corrected DS-230 (I had my husband sign extra's just in-case)08/02/2013 NVC requested a supervisor review on the checklist item over 20 business day window08/05/2013 Case Complete!!! 08/27/2013 Interview Assigned10/30/2013 Interview 11/04/2013 Pick up Passport11/12/2013 POE @ JFK11/26/2013 Applied for SS#12/27/2013 Received Green Card

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  1. If my job approves it.... My husband and I decided I will book the trip to come see him at the end of October.beginning of November! We both need to know when we will be seeing each other again. Hopefully, he'll be returning with me.

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    2. Hana&Reda


      Yea, the airfares are good around that time. It works out great for both you. I'll just be here on VJ waiting until he comes lol I have no idea when my case is going to completed. Grr

    3. Happytobe


      I don't know when ours will be completed, either.... but I figure if they do require the BC, I can send by the end of the week, and that will take a few weeks.... so, August CC at the latest, which means October Interview (hopefully). And if it's November, then I may be there for it. We just decided we need to know when we will see each other and that's the most important thing

    4. Hana&Reda


      I hope they accept it so that way you don't waste more time. I wish it didn't take them this long just to look at one document. Im glad your will be with your hubby in Morocco! How exciting!